Is the big day fast approaching? Of your ACT test, that is. It can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have an effective plan of attack. It means that you have to take time for an ACT prep that works. Here are some tips to help you go about with it.

1. Create an effectual study schedule; give yourself ample time to prepare. In the next few weeks prior to your ACT day, you have to work out a good plan of attack. Devise a detailed test prep schedule. Carefully look into your calendar so you can organize to focus on one or two subject areas every day. What are your weak points? Concentrate your ACT prep on them. Overcoming these hurdles will give you more confidence as your test day nears.

2. Know the subject topics that you should be your focal points. How do you determine the subject areas that you ought to prioritize on? The best way to do so is to take an official ACT practice test. By doing this, you can gauge your score to decipher what topics you should improve on. If you’re good at Math but poor in vocabulary, for instance, you can make use of flashcards to boost your test prep and learn commonly used words in the exam. If this is really tough for you, you can ask for your parents’ help in having you enrolled in a credible ACT prep course or tutorial.

3. Practice your time management skills. You should know the ways that work when it comes to managing your time when taking the ACT. You wouldn’t want to rush through the test items nor linger too much on some of them. Based on the time limits, calculate how many seconds or minutes you should allocate for each question. Take ACT practice tests and familiarize yourself with proper pacing. If you must, you can skip difficult questions for the meantime and focus on answering the easy ones.

4. Determine your target score. What is the standard ACT score for your chosen colleges? This is where you ought to measure your ACT scores. If the college of your choice requires a score of 28 for Math, you may not need to answer all of the questions in the topic. You might need to concentrate your time and effort in answering fewer test items.

5. De-stress and relax on the day before your ACT. Don’t cram or push yourself too much into studying on the night before your test. Kick back and spend time with your family and friends on this particular time. How about watching a movie to unwind and make sure that your nerves are calm and composed? But you have to ensure that your backpack is ready for your ACT on the next day. Put all the necessary items that you need in it on the day prior to your exam. The most important by far are your photo ID, registration ticket, at least two #2 pencils, an approved calculator and your snacks and drinks, among others.

You’ll want to be as ready as you can to take the ACT. Remember that “perfect” can be achieved with sufficient practice, so get on with your ACT prep at the soonest time possible.

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