Online branding serves one purpose and one purpose only and that is to make you more competitive in your field! By carefully selecting and developing your brand you gain a distinction the others don't have allowing you to be noticed or heard more easily! When working within the internet environment this is all the more important due to the vastness of the world wide web! So it all begins with first gaining an online presence along with making a positive impression!

Since this is a process that requires one or more strategies to effectively establish your brand, here are 5 suggestions you can use to do so!


Many times it's easier to increase your online presence by using imagery since more people tend to prefer visualization as a means of recognition online. For the person or business that chooses this strategy however care needs to be given to selecting an image that helps communicate your message!

Circulate Content

The use of circulating content on the internet is another great way to spread your message and make an impression! The biggest advantage this method holds is that you're 'reaching out' to the internet community as oppose to waiting for them to visit you online! This proactive approach allows you to be more competitive due to the viral effect affiliated with content circulation!


Blogging platforms are a sensational way to establish your brand while also gaining a large following! Offering great content that focuses on your niche while also reinforcing the image you've selected helps to insure your readers/followers are truly targeted since their visitations are voluntary! The best part about using a blog is the interaction it invites with visitors and the flexibility it offers the blogger!


Along the same lines as using a blog by properly identifying your website with the message you want to 'impress' upon people you have another internet location 'brandishing' your brand! Although websites are not updated with fresh content as often as blogs they are still effective in helping you increase your online presence!

Social Networking

Properly using social network sites can easily allow you to expand your online presence due to the viral capabilities these sites hold! Although this approach is much less 'structured' than any of the aforementioned strategies its potential is undeniable! With so many people representing varying interest groups found at these sites you're able to reach recesses of the internet you may not have been able to do otherwise!

Online branding is a significant step that must be taken if you want to be more competitive when operating on the internet! Developing your brand serves to make you more recognizable which is so important in the vastness of the world wide web! Whether you're trying to earn an income or simply trying to communicate a message you need an online presence that will get you noticed! The 5 suggestions discussed here today are all very effective strategies which can be used to establish your brand! The time is now to create the online presence that best suits your needs if you want to be effective in terms of getting your message seen or heard on the net!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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