There are many strategies you can use to promote your blog and while some work great, others use more time than they're worth! One thing is for certain however and that is every successful blog needs two things, interesting content along with time efficient and effective strategies to increase blog traffic!

The following discussion focuses on 5 strategies all bloggers can use with great results to help them increase blog traffic to their site!

RSS Feed

No matter what your intentions are when blogging, you always want to get visitors a convenient way to bookmark your site! Prominently display an RSS feed tab at the top of your page will make it easy for people to return to your platform! Remember a successful blog needs a constant flow of visitors and making it convenient for others to return with this tab is a great way to build your subscription base!

Social Site Tabs

Never overlook the amazing power of viral marketing which means to also never overlook the use of social media plug-ins on your platform! This makes it super easy for readers to share what they like with people they've already connected with on several social sites! This is a very effective and powerful way for you to increase blog traffic through the efforts of those who frequent your blogging platform!


Twitter is yet another way for you to easily and quickly share any new posts with members of this wildly popular social networking site! Here too you are leveraging the amazing powers of viral marketing and with little effort! If you're posting interesting content, and I assume you are, this site can spread it for you internet wide!

Post Interesting Updates

Whether you're solving the 'existing' problems of other or merely entertaining readers you want to keep people 'riveted' to your site! Remember without interesting content to offer visitors you stand little chance of getting people to return! It therefore stands to reason that if you're to invest the time to compose new updates, you may as well create something viewers deem worthy of sharing with others! In this way you're able to increase blog traffic by simply doing what people expect for you to do and that is give them something good to read! When you do, most visitors will tend to share what they've viewed at your site with others!

Be Useful

Along the lines of posting something of benefit to readers, unquestionably the best approach when composing updates is to educate people! This particular strategy will not only help you increase blog traffic but will also help build credibility and a loyal following for you and your site!

Learning how to effectively promote your blog in a time efficient manner is just as important as creating interesting content for visitors! In fact it can be said that a successful blog is one that has developed a large and loyal following! In order to do so however it is absolutely necessary to constantly invest the effort or implement strategies that will help you increase blog traffic! The discussion above focuses more on 5 strategies that will continue to work effectively so you can concentrate more on creating interesting content! The key here is that once you have these strategies set in place, their upkeep requires little further effort or time on your part! Now you can concentrate more on what every blogger needs to do and that is WRITE!

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