5 effective time management tips
Do you know what’s the most precious asset you own? Its your time!
Just think about it, if you used your time wisely you will be able to acquire whatever asset you are after. If you want money then you need to use your time wisely, if you want fame then you have to do the same or if you want to improve your relationships with others then you need to invest your time wisely as well.
Because of the extreme importance of time I decided to write this post to tell you how to use it wisely.
5 effective time management tips:

1) Have a list of the tasks you want to do: One of the reasons people procrastinate is that they keep wasting time because of not knowing what to do or which task to begin with. When you have a predetermined list of tasks that you are going to follow you are very likely to procrastinate less. In addition, writing allows your subconscious mind to absorb your goals and thus help you do them with less effort.

2) Have flexible zones: Lets suppose that you had to write a blog post but you didn’t find any idea to write about in such a case you must be very flexible to shift to another task quickly then come back to your original task whenever possible. If you have important work on your computer then suddenly electricity went out then you can immediately do another offline task instead of waiting for the electricity to come back.

3) Wake up early: do you know the activity that consumes the most time? Its sleeping! If you sleep more than 8 hours then you seriously need to examine your sleeping habits so that you save some of the lost time. When you wake up late you become less motivated to do your tasks and you might even procrastinate until the day ends. 7-8 hours of sleep are great, don’t sleep more than that.

4) dedicate a certain amount of time to each zone: if you write a blog post each day then find out the average time it takes to write the post without calculating the wasted time then after you come up with the right duration assign it to this task. Lets suppose that you discovered that you need one hour to write a blog post, in such a case you should never spend more than 1:15 minutes on your post and if it happened that you exceeded that time stop writing and move to another task. While this will annoy you on that day it will prevent you from exceeding that time on another day. (see also Top time management mistakes)

5) Are you really motivated?: sometimes you might procrastinate because you don’t really believe that the plan you are following will lead you anywhere. In such a case the problem is not with time management but its with your motivation levels or even with your plan itself. Examine your plan well to make sure that you are motivated.

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