Not just the spring is the season for a deep cleaning and organizing. Autumn is a suitable season as well. You can scrub the areas that need this, but along with that, you can organize places that usually tend to get easily cluttered. In fact, those chores could be divided into three categories: cleaning, organizing, and maintenance. Enjoy these five tips on achieving a well organized home.

Organizing The Refrigerator

Probably you are cleaning the fridge more than once a year. But the attention should be given to the de-cluttering process. So take all the food out of the refrigerator and scrutinize dates on the packages. If there are any leftovers for more than 4 days, you should throw them away. Wipe off and scrub the drawers if needed. Yes, you are not an experienced cleaner, but keeping your fridge clean should be a top priority for you in order to keep your family healthy and safe. Next, get quality containers. Place in them the leftovers with labels with a date. Place the meat in the bottom of the fridge, because there the temperature is lower, and the other things on a higher shelf. Veggies and fruits could be placed in the special drawers with humidity control (most modern refrigerators have that function), if not place them in a container.

Kitchen Cabinets

During kitchen cleaning, you could evaluate the state of your cabinets. When was the last time you have them organized? Most of us hold on items that are useless for us, such as chipped mugs or old water bottles, but let's get rid of them. Take the plunge and whip your kitchen into shape. Place the cups and bowls on a lower shelf, so kids could easily access them, and place on a top level things you usually use a couple times a year.


Bathroom can get cluttered literally in seconds, especially if its small sized. So sometimes we should make compromises. Shed all expired and useless items and store the not essential ones in jars and bags. Leave everyday essentials, such as soap and dish brushes on the counter. If you don't have a built in shelf, then put a hanging organizer on your bathtub edge or other convenient place. That way you will prevent mildew built-up at the bottles' bases. You can limit your top drawer to products you use several times a week or daily.

Cleaning The Garage

Garage is a place that gets cluttered very easy, especially during spring and summer. We bring our gardening gear, Christmas lights, and sports equipment in there. However, this turns the garage organization into a large chore, afterwards. So you could place a tool holder and put all tools there, or jars to store screws, bolts and other small parts. You could also connect big pieces of PVC pipe with screws and use it to hold all those bulky yard tools.


As the weather changes, our closet is making a major change as well. We say hello to sundresses in summer, then to sweaters in winter. So take a minute to organize and purge the closet. Take out everything, sort and decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw. Hang everything you can in your closet. Buy slim hangers in order to save space. Fold heavy clothes that may lose shape if hanged. Additionally, you can use dividers to end drawer and shelf chaos.

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