Contrary to popular belief, the U.S. isn’t one of the healthiest countries in the world. Not only does the average American man have a body mass index just shy of medically-defined obesity, but over half of Americans regularly consume “ultra-processed” food that’s packed with substances not found in common culinary preparations.

Furthermore, a study from the Mayo Clinic recently found that less than 3% of Americans fail to meet the basic criteria for a “healthy lifestyle.” The four aspects that contribute to a healthy lifestyle include:

  • At least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each week
  • A Healthy Eating Index diet score of at least 40-percent
  • Body fat percentage of less than 20-percent for men and 30-percent for women
  • A smoke-free lifestyle

While these qualifications may help you meet the medical standards for a “healthy lifestyle,” there are still thousands of other mental, emotional, and physical aspects that can contribute to a healthy life - energy healing is at the forefront of these resources.

Benefits of Energy Healing
In addition to healthy eating and exercise, energy healing is a holistic, reliable resource that can be used to promote a fit and thriving lifestyle. In addition to helping ease physical pain due to stress and tension, energy healing also helps to accelerate the body’s self-healing abilities after hard exercise or intense workouts. Energy healing can also benefit healthy lifestyles by:

  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Easing pain from acute injuries, chronic illnesses, and addiction withdrawal
  • Boosting the body’s self-detoxing process
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Promoting vitality while prolonging the aging process
  • Balancing and harmonizing the energy flow through the body’s endocrine system

If you’re interested in implementing energy healing into your daily lifestyle regimen, consider the following five common techniques.

  1. Scanning
  2. Learn important information about your patient’s (or your own) energy imbalance by passing your hands - palms down - down the physical body, staying anywhere from a few inches to a few feet away. Moving from the feet to the head, keep a calm, open mind and be hyper-aware of any sensations you may feel. Remember that this technique is only for gaining information, not to heal or diagnose.

  3. Still hands
  4. As the go-to tactic for clearing imbalanced, disharmonious energy from the body, still hands requires you to hold your hands (or move very slowly, subtly) over the affected area and focus on your intent to restore balance, flow, and harmony in the previously disturbed area.

  5. Magnetizing
  6. Instead of using magnets, use your hands as a way to pull harmful, unwanted energy from the body. Whether it be negative energy from another person, experience, memory, etc., your hands can be used as a means of extracting these imbalances. By holding your hands in the field above the affected area, focus your energy, intent, and visualization on drawing out these harmful energies. Once you feel the sensation of the energy in your hands, dispose of it by shaking them to the earth.

  7. Energy pump
  8. Ideal for headaches, wounds, and other physical pain, energy pumping can be used to pump or drain off the negative energy causing these afflictions. With your right hand in the field above the affected area, extend your left hand out from your body with your palm down. In your right hand, you’ll hold the intention to extract this energy and dispose of it toward the earth through your left hand.

  9. Sweeping
  10. Also known as “smoothing” the sweeping technique can be used to restore energy and natural balance in disturbed or unbalanced areas of the physical body. With palms open and extended six inches above the body, repeatedly sweep your hands through the affected field until you feel a rekindled sensation of peace and harmony.

With these helpful energy healing techniques, you can implement safe, natural, and effective methods into your ongoing quest for living a healthier and well-balanced lifestyle.

Author's Bio: 

Jana Hoff is a certified energy healer that specializes in the art of energy healing and self-fulfillment. When not helping others find true peace for themselves, you can usually find her doing yoga or spending time with her family. Follow Jana for more articles on intuition, energy healing and love.