Mostly in the fashion world, we see some amazing styling tips for women which often leaves the men feeling left out. There’s nothing to worry about anymore. We are to guide you on some super fashionable tips for men. Get ready to look like a model every single day!

Casual Style

Casual wear for men is probably the most popular style for as long as you can remember. Whether it’s a sweat suit, hoodie, jeans or shorts. Denim jeans or shorts paired with a plain t-shirt is the perfect go-to outfit for any occasion. What’s new in casual wear is floral shirts. They have been an absolute hit. What you need to know about floral tees is to keep the bottoms casual. A nude pair of shorts would look fly with a floral shirt.


If you’re looking to go just one step above casual wear, polos are the right way to go. Polo shirts can never be a wrong option or a wrong pick in your wardrobe. Polo shirts look awesome with pastel or nude colored chino shorts. Otherwise, a pair of jeans and a polo tee will never disappoint you. If you’re confused about what to wear to get your hands on some classy polo shirts online, Monark is a highly popular website which offers some of the best polo shirts for men. Do check them out. 

Suit Up!

Suits aren’t suited for casual wear, but who says you need to show a casual upfront all the time? Black colored suits paired with a contrasting tie leaves the whole room speechless. Minimalism is the way to go when it comes to suits. The only time a patterned suit will catch your eye is because of how hideous it looks!

Button Ups and Plaids

Button ups give off a little more formal look but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you style your button ups the right way, they can fit the criteria for any occasion. Plaid button ups on men are my personal favorite. Super comfy, super hot. A plain light blue button up paired with beige chino shorts give off a very trendy yet casual vibe. Plaid button ups are more suited for the fall season. The colors go well with the rusty leaves and dark skies. 

Happy Feet

We can’t forget about footwear. There is a vast variety of shoes in the men’s fashion world. From Nike to Adidas, you can find everything. Nikes look fab with a sweat suit or hoodie, whether it’s for a quick run or a cup of coffee with friends. For a more formal yet hip look, moccasins are a safe pick. 

How to Not Worry About Looking Good

Pick outfits which resonate with your style the most. Clothes which make you feel comfortable in your skin. The right size is always a must. Whether it’s a shirt or jeans, a size too small or a tad big will ruin your look completely. Be confident. Confidence is the secret recipe for looking good. No matter what you’re wearing, if you’re feeling confident in it, that’s all you need.

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