If you are into online marketing business, you must already be knowing the value of the video content. Videos are reigning the charts when it comes to the most consumable content online. And, it is only going to grow in the coming years. By 2019, videos will account for 80% of online traffic. If you are wondering how to turn visitors on your websites into valuable customers, your answer lies in - ‘Explainer Videos’.

But before you get into the water and swim along the tide, here are a few details that would help you make explainer videos which can turn curious visitors into valuable customers:

The characters in an explainer video should be relatable

First and foremost thing a video production company should keep in mind while making an explainer video is that the characters should be relatable to their audience or target customer. If you want to attract the right people, put your character into the shoes of your buyers. This can be done by depicting the issues your potential customer might be facing or resonating with. This way a visitor is able to relate with the character in the video. Such videos can turn visitors into an actionable buyer when he sees his problem is solved.

The explainer video should be fun and entertaining

Who says explainer videos have to be boring and profuse with information? No one, especially your buyers, likes to watch preachy videos or content that goes overboard with information. Instead, make your explainer videos fun and entertaining so that you have your buyer’s attention till the end. Put concise information in the video and in a way that it is easy to grasp too. As far as creativity and design are concerned, an explainer video company in Delhi will take care of it for you. Bottom line: make your explainer videos captivating and memorable.

The explainer video should have your brand identity

What is the point of an explainer video if it does not identify with your brand? Style the elements in your video such that it resonates with your brand identity. But do so in a subtle manner. While making your characters, you could use a color palette that goes with the logo of your brand. Even the background music, visual and sound effects should be aligned with the aesthetics of your brand. Plan and discuss all these things with explainer video company in detail before you start working on the video.

The explainer video should have your logo

Your logo should be used as a signature at the end of the video. Using it wisely is as important as it is having your logo in the video. This is what sets an explainer video apart from the commercials. 55% of people on the internet watch videos every day. Most of these people do not like to watch flashy content or overly promotional videos. If your explainer video speaks about your brand in high volumes, they will stop watching it. The best way to have a clean piece of content is by using the logo at the end of the video. This will help you seal the message and also build a connection with the viewer.

The explainer video should have a well-written script

How can we forget the most crucial part of any explainer video? It’s script. That is how you communicate with your audience. Therefore, it is important to pen down a script which is simple and appeals to your audience. Basically, your script should answer three things; what, why, and how. The first act of the script should explain the problem area so that your audience feel identified right away. ‘How’ focuses on the solution; how the existing problem can be solved. ‘Why’ is the most important of all three acts. It is where you have to stand out of the competition. Once you have identified the problem for the users and given a solution to them, you must tell them what makes you unique. This is where all the magic happens!

Hope all these insightful details will work wonders for your explainer videos. Incorporating them into your video production will work wonders for you, you will see.

Author's Bio: 

Gursimran Jassal, Associate Director at Skittles Productions Private Limited, We are Delhi based film & video production houses company. We specializing in TV Commercial ads, short film making, Explainer Video production, photography and communication design.