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Travelling is a lot of fun, right? Over 25 million Indians echo your sentiment each year. In 2018, over 25 million Indians went abroad. This is a massive number considering that only 8 million people went abroad just a decade ago. Moreover, this number is expected to double in the next two years. And why wouldn’t it?

The world is a beautiful place, especially if you have the financial means to explore every wonder that awaits your journey across the ocean. But, having access to your funds abroad has its own set of challenges when you are a traveller. So, here are some essential tips for enjoying the attractive option or having a travel card abroad.

Check Acceptability

This might seem apparent to most. However, keep in mind there is no easy way to check the compatibility of an international travel card in an unfamiliar place. Moreover, if the best travel card does not let you shop, you are pretty much at the mercy of stores. So, check cards provided by international providers like Mastercard, Visa, among others.

Avail the Maximum Prepaid Amount

There are many international travel cards available in the market. Most of these are prepaid cards that allow you to deposit money and engage in dynamic currency conversion when you are abroad. However, most of these often offer small prepaid amounts, sometimes as little as Rs. 50,000. Remember that the RBI allows you to carry as much as USD 10,000. Find a provider that lets you utilize the maximum limit.

Opt for Fixed Rates

As mentioned earlier, some of the best travel cards in India come with dynamic currency exchange options. However, this may put a dent in your trip and is not the best way to plan for your next trip abroad. Whereas, you can opt for providers who offer fixed exchange rates ahead of time. This way, you can protect yourself from currency fluctuations and never worry about paying an extra dime.

Beware of Exorbitant Fees

Conventionally, travellers preferred opting for checks to secure their finances when abroad. But currently, an international travel card is the safest and most convenient option. These international travel card work in similar ways to debit and credit cards. While abroad, you can withdraw large amounts of cash from ATMs for as little as Rs. 100 in fees. On the other hand, checks can cost as much as 3% to 4% while encashment.

Choose a Chip and Pin Card

If you run into trouble with your planned funds when abroad, it can ruin your travel experience. Chip and pin cards provide an extra layer for protection. Once you insert these cards, you will get an OTP to verify your transaction. This extra level of security is essential in case you lose your card. Many companies like Muthoot Fincorp offer immediate replacement of cards during emergencies.

Travel cards have become the go-to option for Indian students, business owners, and travellers in general. With these by your side, your loved ones are likely to experience the time of their lives this year!

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