No home these days is complete without tiles. The various types of tiles, their textures, their shapes and their colours help to elevate the overall look of the house. However, it is not an easy task at all and requires professional intervention to get the job done properly. Installing tiles can make your house look better but you have to understand which tile will go with the shades of your walls and the colour of your furniture. In the following lines, we will take a look at a few such professional tips about the placement of tiles which will help us to get the job done properly and will enhance the overall look of the house. It is very important to follow these tips while getting the tiles installed as they are coming straight from the experts of this trade.

Use larger tiles

Larger tiles have their own benefits and are recommended by most experts to be used during tile installation in Perth. Larger tiles also make the rooms look bigger and can be used more efficiently in terms of covering more floor area than the smaller ones. One more advantage of larger tiles is that it requires less attention than the smaller ones when it comes to cleaning as they have much less grout than the bigger ones.

Glass tiles

You can use tiles with glassy finish in your room to turn it into more luminous space. The glass tiles help to reflect more light than the ordinary ones and as a result, it creates more luminosity inside the room. This can be a great option to be placed on the walls of your room for sure.

Grout sealer

As per the best tilers in Perth, you should get a grout sealer to protect your tiles from them. This not only helps in making the tiles shinier but also provides longevity to them. The application of a good quality grout sealer on the tiles in highly recommended. It is also recommended by the experts that the tiles should be kept in the open for seven days and then the grout sealer should be applied to them. This ensures better penetration in the tiles. 

Purchasing extra tiles

Tiles are very fragile and can break easily. This is why the experts always recommend buying extra tiles in order to compensate for the broken ones. During installation, the breakage of tiles is a very common scenario and can be avoided by the installation of a harder variant of tiles in place of the normal tiles that get cracked very easily.

Broken tiles

Talking about the broken tiles, if you think you should just throw them away, think again. As per the best tilers in Perth, the broken pieces are after all tiles and can be used in a different purpose. You can use them for tiling the floor or backsplash, creating a unique design in the process. You can arrange them in a particular order or just in a random way and find that the tiles project a beautiful decoration. 

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