So you want to own a popular blog but are you willing to do what it takes to become one of the top blogging sites in your niche? Well your popularity begins with the blog topic you choose to write about since people must first have an interest in the subject matter you post! The fact is that people read blogs NOT out of loyalty to the blogger but rather for the information the site contains! The 'role' of the blogger is to continue creating content that is relevant and interesting enough to get return visitors to your site!

Here are the 5 'essentials' your blog must contain if you 'hope' to get return visitors which is a sign your building a loyal following!

Your Writing

In 3 simple words your content needs to be relevant, informative and useful! Remember people read blogs out of curiosity and interest and if you can't provide updates that satisfy these reader needs, you're facing an uphill battle!

Your Effort

The time you have available to maintain your blogging platform is something you'll need to determine in advance! The effort you do invest however MUST both consistent in terms of both effort and adhering to the blog topic itself! People want to know what to expect insofar as how often or when you will next update the site! Of course people landed on your platform for the subject matter you offer so to change course in terms of the topic would be foolish and damaging to the growth of your site!

Your Hospitality

If you don't allow comments perhaps a more 'static' website is the way for you to go! A large part of the popularity associated with blogging platforms is the ability for people to interact by leaving comments! If you want to be a good 'host' you'll allow for people to voice their opinions or share their thoughts when visiting your site! Most of the people who read blogs assume and expect that they can also participate as well so don't disappoint them!

Your Navigation

You work hard to develop content around the blog topic you've chosen so it only makes sense to make it ALL available to visitors! Arrange your updates into categories while also linking together any posts that contain related and/or relevant information! This makes navigation on your site a breeze and is something commonly found on all the top blogging sites!

Your Commitment

Last but certainly NOT least is the commitment you have as a blogger! It is important to realize that even the top blogging sites took plenty of time to establish a large and loyal following! Loyalty does not occur overnight therefore the efforts you do invest need to be long term since blogging is a process!

Having a popular blog begins with your choice of the blog topic you intend to base your site on but this is simply the beginning! To have one of the top blogging sites in any niche, there needs to be a certain commitment by the blogger, as described above in the 5 essentials we discussed! It is wise to recognize people read blogs due to their interest in the content provided and not out of loyalty to the writer! With that being said it is therefore up to the blogger to continue publishing content that keeps reader interest and to do so consistently! Over time your efforts will result in building a loyal following along with, hopefully, earning the reputation as being one of the top blogging sites in your chosen niche!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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