After the wedding, when you leave in the car, it makes an impression on the onlookers. So, you can’t just leave in any car, it has to be special. Toronto has a lot of exotic cars to offer and if you can’t buy them, rent them. Renting a Toronto Wedding Limo is easy. There are many companies that offer exotic cars on rent. You can use any of them or study the rent charges and rules of some of them and pick the ones that suit your need. Here are 5 exotic cars that are often used in Toronto.

Limousine is the most used exotic car at weddings, not only in Toronto but around the world. This chauffeur-driven car has a partition between the passenger and driver compartments that you can open when needed. So, you get to have privacy. This sedan has extra legroom for you to relax and stretch your legs. Limos also come with a small fridge for storing the drinks. You can use the Toronto Wedding Limo Rentals for hiring a chauffeur-driven Limo for your wedding and leave in style.

Lamborghini Huracan
Lamborghini Huracan is a sensual and sculpted car whose design is based on carbon atom’s spiky hexagonal forms. Its seamless roof profile proudly displays the Lamborghini DNA. Its “technological” light is alluring and full of LED lighting systems that make the car unique even in the dark. Some of the models of Huracan also comes without roofs but with the same torsional stiffness and aerodynamic efficiency. Nothing can beat a stylish exit in this outstanding luxurious Lamborghini Huracan.

Ferrari 488 GTB
The name Ferrari 488 GTB is the return to the classic Ferrari model with 488 in its moniker. This moniker indicates that the engine is unitary displaced and GT means Gran Turismo Berlinetta. This luxury car comes with an efficiency that is record-breaking and its extreme power delivers the unadulterated driving experience. The key to its characteristic is its sculptural flanks. It is not only sporty but also extremely comfortable.

Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro
Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro is a limited edition and top-of-the-range model from Mercedes. It is characterised by all the more improved and much better driving dynamics. Mercedes has integrated a lot of motorsport technology in producing this car. It comes with the ultralight carbon-fiber exterior and high-performance powertrain. Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro also has an intensive collaboration of design and aerodynamics. Its every detail is designed for delivering a perfect driving and racing experience.

Rolls Royce Ghost
Although Rolls-Royce is meant to be chauffeur-driven, Ghost is a driver-centric model. It comes with a 6.6-litre V12 petrol engine that is twin-turbocharged and pumps out 563bhp. Along with 8-speed automatic transmission, this car can go 0-100kmph in just 4.8 seconds and it weighs 2.5-tonne weight. The interior of Ghost is swathed in the finest wood veneer and premium leather. Instead of plastic, its buttons are made of glass. If you buy the car, you can have it personalised like special paint jobs, bonnet ornaments, details, and colour of the leather, veneer, seat, etc. But the takeaway feature of this car is the starlight roof lining with which you can create a night sky like ambience inside the cabin with the help of fibre-optic lights in the car’s ceiling.

These are the top 5 exotic cars that are used in weddings in Toronto and you can easily rent them. So, now you don’t have to compromise with leaving for honeymoon in just any car. Let nothing stop you from leaving in style.

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