Fat loss! Many people have wracked their brains trying to find out the best ways to lose fat, as a Personal Trainer my research into fat loss has brought me many great strategies and nearly as many ridiculous strategies. I believe one of the reasons why many diets and dieters fail to reach their goals is by over complicating things, clearly there is a degree of intelligence needed to choose and follow the right fat loss strategy but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist.

Fat loss is one of the largest issues in modern day health and fitness, when asked I would say most people in Britain would like to make changes to their weight whether it is weight loss, fat loss or weight gain. So to give you a little help I shall offer you my 3 Fab Fat Loss Strategies!!

1. There is no quick fix – On so many occasions have some of my clients or people I know come up to me and say ‘I’ve tried everything and I just can’t get the results’ would my response be ‘Well you just need to keep on trying until you find the right one’ No! It would be more something along the lines of ‘Have you tried everyone long enough and given the diet the proper chance to make improvements’.

I have experienced it myself along as 100% of the population, the feelings of I want it now! When many people start a diet they want to be losing 5 pounds every week, in many cases this will not be the case. This doesn’t mean your diet is failing, you need to give each recommended (properly recommended, not something off an advert or the internet) nutrition strategy you try a proper chance and you should see some results.

2. Too much at once – Linked to the previous statement I mentioned about people wanting everything now many people alter too many things at once which makes it near impossible to find out what is working and what isn’t. Changing your body image and health takes patience, motivation and time. If you are following your diet and it is not going the way you want it I wouldn’t recommend you deciding you are now going to add 3 more cardio sessions, cut out weight sessions, increase your protein intake and start taking metabolic increasing supplements. How will you possibly know which new variable has helped?

If these changes are the ones you want to make to your program do them one at a time, see how they work and then decide whether to continue with the changes before adding another change.

Making long term nutritional changes is a marathon not a sprint, it won’t happen overnight so give it enough time to make some life changing results.

3. The FOOD shop – Your weekly trip to Tescos or Asda can make or break how you are eating. Many people have temptations and guilty pleasures such as ice cream, chocolate, crisps etc. It is a lot easier to resist the temptation of a bar of dairy milk when it’s on tescos shelf rather than sitting in your cupboard, basically if you know you shouldn’t eat it, don’t buy it!

I know that it can be harder not to purchase such items when you are shopping for the whole family but you have to think if you know they are no good for you, should you be buying it for your family? I’m not telling you that you should not buy ice cream, crisps, chips, chocolate etc on your food shop but maybe to start off with not buy as much, or go for the ‘lighter choices’ it all helps.

PS Don’t go food shopping when you’re starving, I’ve been there, everything bad looks irresistible and you are much more likely to be buying unhealthy things which you don’t need.

So there we have it, 3 Fat Loss Strategies which will hopefully help you to stick to your diet a lot better and not get led astray by fancy diets promising unrealistic results.

Being a Personal Trainer I’m well aware of how difficult adhering to a diet can be so if you need any extra advice or have any questions I can help with don’t hesitate to ask.

Keep up the great work.

Richard Clarke

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