Mass/weight gainers are high-calorie supplements that are normally used to boost body strength and power levels. From a fitness enthusiast looking to bulk up and increase their muscle size, to an average-sized people looking to build up their body weight; these supplements are used and loved by many. However, with many people mixing up the benefits and side-effects of mass gainers with those of other types of powdered supplements; it's crucial to know the facts from the myths. Below, we've detailed five facts about mass gainers that we thought you should be aware of.

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Mass gainers differ from protein supplements

The calorie content in most commercially sold mass gainers is what essentially sets them apart from protein supplements. Most high-quality mass gainers contain over 1000 calories per scoop, whereas it's rare to find a protein supplement with more than 175 calories per serving. Another significant differentiating factor is that mass gainers mostly contain carbohydrates and proteins, while protein supplements are largely comprised of protein nutrients. Finally, mass gainers are most commonly used by those looking to add weight, while protein powders are great for body toning/cutting weight. Mass gainers that incorporate creatine into the carbohydrate-protein, powdered mixture- in particular- are really good at facilitating muscle hypertrophy.

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Mass gainers help with muscle recovery

Do you find your post-workout recovery to be too slow- perhaps- even hampering the frequency with which you go to the gym? Well, the cure lies in mass gainers. Sports science research has proven that a carbohydrate-protein supplement mixture can help boost glycogen recovery between workout sessions. This is important since you need a sufficient amount of muscle glycogen to see you through those intense exercise sessions.

Mass gainers help to improve exercise performance

Mass gainers contain the nutrients required to stimulate performance endurance. You can expect those that boast additional minerals and vitamins to boost your energy levels even more. You can look these up on relevant online marketplaces that stock various mass gainer brands, including plant-based options for those who are vegan. In fact, according to Vegan Liftz, drinking a plant-based carbohydrate-protein shake before your workouts will significantly improve your bench press performance. Such vegan shakes usually contain protein, nutrients derived from organic brown rice, peas, and other plant-based ingredients; allowing you to do physical activity for longer, while still staying true to your vegan commitments.

Mass gainers help to improve protein balance

To achieve any significant amount of muscle growth, your body needs to achieve protein balance by ensuring sufficient protein synthesis. Since intense exercising burns up most of the body's protein reserves to create a protein imbalance, you need mass gainers to re-establish this balance. Studies have shown that increasing your post-workout protein intake by drinking a carbohydrate-protein shake, can help recover net body protein balance.

Women can also benefit from using mass gainers

While mass gainers are more popular with men, women- too- have been known to use them to their advantage, especially female bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts looking to build their muscle strength. If you're a female looking to bulk up a bit after a rapid weight-loss experience, you can use mass gainers to achieve the same.

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The facts above will help you avoid mixing up the advantages and side effects of mass gainers with those of other types of supplements and fitness/bodybuilding products. It's also important to note that mass gainers are not a substitute for regular meals.

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