No doubts, you must have created a username for your Facebook page as well as a username for your personal profile. The visibility of your username is quite prominent in your URL. Therefore, a common name known as ‘vanity URL’ has been assigned to it.

Here are 5 top essentials or facts applicable to your Facebook username:

  1. Applying for a Facebook Username
    The first step towards applying for your username is to log on to your Facebook account. Then go to The next step is simple – just choose the name you would prefer as the ending part of your URL. However, you need to be careful. You are only allowed to use just one username, and you are not likely to change it. Click on the ‘Set a username’ text and choose the page you desire to set your name for.
  2. How to select your username
    One of the important facts you should know about your facebook username is what should constitute your Username. For a company having chains of generic words in your company or brand title, the best thing to do is to bring the entire words together. Generally, you can use any of the alphabets, or numbers (0 - 9), you can also use special character such as dot (.) – but avoid using this latter option if possible.
  3. Procedure for changing a Facebook Username
    I warned earlier that it is almost impossible to change the username of your Facebook page. But, you can succeed in doing that if you can pay sufficient money to them. It is not a bad idea for any company to arrange for a sales rep from Facebook, it is quite helpful in matters like these.

    Well, the rule is somewhat flexible for personal profile – in other words you can change the username of your Facebook page for a personal profile. However, bear in mind that you can only do this ONCE. Also, like the company profile, you can eventually succeed in changing the username more than once if you have sufficient money to appease Facebook with.

    This is how it works with changing of username; hit the ‘Account button’ (located on top right side of the screen) with a click of the mouse. Look for the ‘Account Settings’ option. Look through the display that would pop up and locate the “Change” option for your Facebook username. Remember, after this change, NO MORE!

  4. What works when it comes to transferring Facebook username to a different page

    Just as it implies in the case of changing your Facebook username, it is almost impossible to achieve this, except when you have the extravagant amount that may be required by Facebook. Facebook username is not intended for registration on another profile - this is a security measure. However, some savvy users know how to get around this. For instance, you can file an infringement report which would be made against you. This is quite shady, so desist in doing it if you are not smart enough.

  5. Using the copyright infringements form

    You can file a copyright infringement if you perceive that someone has stolen or snapped your brand name. Facebook would investigate the matter and take proper action.

Knowing what to do with Facebook Page username is one of the excellent ways to make the most valuable use of this number one social platform.

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