Food is the main source of energy as it provides essential nutrients required by our body. It is the only fuel to our system. However, in summers, when the temperature rises and we become more inclined towards eating unhealthy food items such as packaged foods, cold drinks, etc, we may unintentionally trigger several digestive disorders. Due to the hot weather, our body becomes weaker and needs a healthy diet but instead, we are more delighted to have oily, spicy, and unhygienic food. These foods do not provide the required nutrients to your body and thus results in certain digestive problems including constipation.
Constipation is a condition where we experience infrequent bowel movements, hard-to-pass stools, or even straining to poop. It is very common during summers as we sweat a lot leading to water deprivation inside the body. When accompanied by unhealthy drinking and eating habits it results in poor bowel health and hardened stools which are very difficult to clear from the rectum.
Developing a beneficial eating habit will help you to keep these problems at bay. Here are some healthy foods which you can incorporate into your daily diet and get rid of constipation.


An apple a day keeps a doctor away. That said, apples are rich in fiber, sorbitol, and fructose which helps to boost digestion and alleviate constipation. It can potentially pull water into the colon, the organ responsible for accumulating stool which will eventually help smooth exit from the rectum. During hot climates, it is advisable to eat a full apple with the skin intact to get more fiber into your body.


Spinach is an excellent source of fiber and magnesium. Both of these nutrients are potent to aid constipation by adding bulk to stools which helps the gut to easily flush in through the waste products. So, whenever you have digestive stress, just have spinach in soup or salad, and get relief from constipation.


Raisins are high in tartaric acid and fiber which act as a natural remedy to fight constipation. In addition, raisins have laxative effects that help to soften the stools and improve digestion. You can add raisins into your diet chart for summers to resolve indigestion.


The green flesh of kiwi fruit may be the one solution you need to curb your constipation. After apples, this fruit has the potential to ease constipation. They are rich in both- soluble and insoluble fiber which aids in bowel movements and keeps the flow of the excretion process very smooth and painless.


Another good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber is beans. Load your plate with a cup of beans which can provide up to 2.5 grams of fiber to your body. Fiber is the key ingredient to soothe all your digestive problems, and beans have both types of fiber that play their role individually to cure constipation.


These water and fiber-rich foods provide enough nutrients to your body to fight constipation and keep you satiated in summers. All the aforementioned food items have high water content which will never let your body become weak and water-deficient especially in hot weather where the body releases sweat more often. In addition, you can also consider some ayurvedic medicines for constipation to get instant relief from digestive issues.

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