If you got a sweet tooth, all you need in your life is exploring new sweet treats. No matter what is the reason, such people always gravitate towards the sweets of all types, size, and shapes. We all know France for its divine collection of desserts. This collection possesses everything from cakes, pastry, cookies to ice creams. In a nutshell, French chefs excel in everything which tastes sweet. In this article, you will introduce you to some luscious French sweet treats.

Les Baux-de-Provence Cookies

Throughout Europe, you will find a variety of regional variations on foods in small towns and villages from German sausages to French cookies. One of the tastiest French cookies is Les Baux-de-Provence. In a small hilly village named Les Baux-de Provence, these delicious cookies were popular. Now, these cookies are available in all European countries and Australia. These cookies look like tea or coffee biscuits. These cookies are ideal for tea parties.


The macaron is a light-as-air type of cookies. It has become immensely popular as a dessert all across the world. Its beginning was a bit grounded. For the first time, it was baked on the town of Saint Emilion to feed the poor people. These days, it is one of the most luscious desserts in the world. Some people confuse macarons with macaroons. Both Macarons and Macaroons are heavier and filled with coconuts and almonds. Macarons are available in different flavors. Hence, you can easily find a flavor of your choice. These are one of the all-time favorite savoury treats.

Lyon Pralines

Every European region has a special pastry of their own. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to have a tasty yet unique bite. Lyon pralines, introduced by French chefs, will give you one such yummy bite. These are made of almonds, which are rich with cooked sugar, and food colour. The interesting thing is Lyon has no fixed shape. You can find the pralines in every possible shape and it is available everywhere. These sticky and sweet pralines will keep you amazed. This divine taste will make you forget everything for a time being. You can taste these Lyon pralines anytime anywhere. Be it a tea party or a get together with friends and colleagues, pralines can be a great option. Even, you can serve these in your kid’s birthday party.

Fleur de sel gelato

The beautiful city, La Rochelle, is a favorite tourist destination for decades. This city is also famous for fleur de sel. Earlier, it produced a wide array of seal salt having a unique flavor. Gradually, it has become an apple of the eye to the chefs. Fleur de sel gelato also contains this salt. It is made with less sugar and air. It is softer and creamier even than the ice creams of various flavors. Gelato will provide you with an original culinary experience unto itself. Since it contains tasty ingredients such as fleur de sel, it is unbeatable in taste.

Britanny Cr êpes

Britanny Cr êpes are another succulent French sweet treats. You must try this snack to enjoy the authentic taste of France in Sydney. These are like simple pancakes which are filled with nummy ingredients. If you love sweets, you can’t afford to skip this snack. You can include this palatable food in the list of your evening snack, tea time, breakfast, a casual get together or corporate meeting menu. No matter when and where you are trying these small pieces of wonder, you will be delighted. These cakes are popular all across the world. In Sydney, you will find college-goers or office colleagues enjoying Britanny Cr êpes while chatting with together or walking on the road.

A Final Takeaway

France has countless deserts in its possession. These are only a few of them. You may have come to love a lot of desserts. Have you tasted the ones listed above? If yes, then it is confirmed that you will love to enjoy them again and again. If you have missed out on these desserts, this is high time you should give them a try. Once you will have a bit of any one of these delish desserts, you will forget about all the prevailing tensions and difficulties. How easily a foodie can sort out the difficulties, No??

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Ganache Patisserie is one of the renowned bakeries that offers delicious French sweet treats. Ganache has experimented with savoury sweets a lot and as an outcome, they served us many unique and finger-licking pastries, cake, and cookies.