There are so many places to explore in the USA and therefore so many great dates to be had!

Here are our favourite date ideas for a trip to the USA.

Most of these dates are outdoor activities. However, if it’s raining, don’t despair as we have you covered with these rainy day date ideas which can be enjoyed virtually everywhere!

  1. Go to a theme park in Orlando, Florida

There is no better place to enjoy a date than a theme park, is there?

Orlando has the very best theme parks in the USA.

Disneyland is always a good idea for romance. I mean what girl isn’t a fan of Disney princesses!

If she isn’t a Disney Princess type, we would recommend Universal Studios for incredible roller coasters and other rides!

While you are nearby, you might like to also make a trip to the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida or go to the Everglades and take an airboat ride hunting down some alligators!

  1. Take a romantic stroll in Central Park, New York

Central Park in New York is the perfect place for a very romantic date.

In the middle of Central Park, there is an incredible lake where you can hire little row boats! The absolute ideal summer date idea!

If you don’t like the idea of boats, there are other fun date ideas in the park including a horse and carriage ride or just an old fashioned romantic stroll!

  1. Go for a romantic hike at Yosemite, California

Yosemite National Park is a great place for a super cute date idea.

Whether you wish to hike to a waterfall or spot some local animals, it is always a magical time in Yosemite.

For the most romance we would recommend visiting in the fall – the fall colours are absolutely sensational!

Note: You are able to camp inside the National Park. Roasting marsh mellows over the open fire always manages to spark the romance.

  1. Go for a cruise in Alaska

There is nothing more amazing than seeing a glacier up close and personal is there?

But it makes it extra special seeing nature in its full glory by doing it with someone special.

The best time for a cruise to Alaska is May to September.

It is not a cheap date but it is certainly a very worthwhile experience! We would highly recommend doing an Alaskan cruise at least once in your lifetime!

If you are lucky you might even have the opportunity to spot a bear or two!

  1. Go for a visit to Las Vegas, Nevada

If you like to party, the very best place to go for a date is Las Vegas, Nevada.

There are no shortage of fun things to do in Las Vegas including playing poker, seeing an incredible show, going to a buffet or seeing an amazing show.

Note: Britney Spears regularly does shows in Las Vegas which may be a good option for a fun date!

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Author: Nadia writes the travel, romance & lifestyle blog with her partner Mike. The high school sweethearts have visited 60+ countries and provide travel and romance advice to their readers. They aim to inspire others to live the life of their dreams.