Among the many professionals who will be part of the day, the wedding photography Dubai professional is essential for the bride and groom to store the remarkable passages and even the moments when they were not present. So, once you start planning for simple and elegant wedding decorations, begin the process of searching for a good wedding photography Dubai professional and have stunning records.

In Wedding Champs, the photography experts give some ideas to make the record even more original at wedding. Check out:

1. During preparation
Such a unique moment for the bride that must be recorded in all her steps accurately. From preparation out to the altar, ready with your mermaid wedding dress, this is an occasion that deserves many records. But the "spontaneous poses" with the godparents are special and yield many funny clicks and lots of laughs. There are several situations that can be used, use this occasion of farewell with dear friends, dancing and toasting, or all ready with a little plaque with a short phrase of love that is fun or holding bouquets in your honor!

2. In the post-ceremony
Obviously at the altar the records will bring many "more behaved" images to all the godparents, but at the church's exit, unusual records can make a big difference to having funny documentaries. Reserve a few pots with rice for the guests, but the godparents leave something different prepared to say goodbye to the bride like rain of pompom, heart-shaped paper or sparkle, or they can simply resort to a good old choreography of a song they listened to together. The important thing is to have meaning!

3. An unusual mosaic
Making a mosaic with the pictures of each godfather couple and the bride's photo in the center, in which each one will make a comic expression will be a record that can become a painting in the new house. Of course, this idea can also be made with the groom, who will be in the center and the bridesmaids around, an unusual memory that you will have the pleasure to enjoy in the future.

4. With your favorite hobby
Call your godparents to form an authentic setting highlighting your hobby in a hilarious way, create entertaining situations and make very original photos for the album. If you prefer to emphasize your sport and create a fun scene you can carry the white wedding bouquet in one hand and the other put a box glove or lying on a surfboard and his godparents around or on the lawn with the white wedding shoe the stepping on the soccer ball. There is no shortage of options, and they can even use standard scenes or movies that marked the school season with special accessories.

5. Godparents carrying the bride
A classic that never goes out of style: the godfathers carrying together the great protagonist, a witty and comical photo that will be special to have it as a reminder of that day full of emotion. If the wedding dress model has a flowing fabric remember that the effect that can arise in the arms of the godparents will be a plus to highlight the beauty of the look, with more grace in the photos.

Being able to relive the happiness of the day every time you look at them will be special. In addition to being able to spread them in various areas of the house or the office, the wedding photography Dubai will be a reminder of the most moving scenes to the most fun with the people dearest to you.

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wedding decorations, begin the process of searching for a good wedding photography Dubai professional and have stunning records.