Remember how sexy and exciting your relationship was when you first got together with your husband?

You couldn't keep your hands off of each other.  The lovemaking was passionate and often.  You craved each other and couldn't wait to be together!

Marriage often takes a toll on passion...but it doesn't have to! 

You can keep passion and romance alive, exciting and fun!  Being lovers when you are married is a big deal.  If you don't make love often or you don't make love at all you may start to feel lonely, deprived and begin questioning your attractiveness and your "wow" factor to your mate.  Making love is like super glue in a creates a tight bond! 

A woman wants to feel romantic and intimate before she wants to make love and often looks to her man to create the intimacy.

The passion and romance that leads to intimate lovemaking begins with you!  It's an attitude and mindset of feeling, being, acting like you are lit up from the inside!  Passion is you being you...the woman your husband was first attracted to!  Here are five fun ways to feel romantic, passionate, sensual and confident that I bet you used to do and feel early in your relationship!

5 fun ways to feel sexy and keep your husband hot, bothered and into you!

1.  Flirt like crazy with him!
Men love flirty women!  Husbands love their wives to flirt with them because it makes them feel desired.
There are simple ways to flirt and get his attention.  Look him in the eye. Talk to him and try to find out something new about him. Let him pick out which panties for you to wear!  Better yet, show him your panties!  Ask him to come in the bathroom with you and watch you take a bubble bath.  Send him a sweet, sexy text.  Wink at him in public.  Sit in his lap. 

2.  Be a princess.
 A man loves his woman to take care of herself and take the time to do it.  When you make the effort to be beautiful and well kept he feels like you do it just for his pleasure. Men love to have beautiful wives. Always think of yourself as beautiful.  Get a pedicure, get a facial or have your hair done.  You are worth it!  Stand up straight, hold your head high and walk as if you are important...because you are!  Speak as if every word you say has value and believe that he wants to hear your every word.

3.  Be confident.
Men think confident women are very sexy and hot!  Own your gorgeousness!  Use your imagination and write a description of the woman that you want to be. Then act like that woman.  Sometimes you have to fake it before you make it!

4.  Be adventurous.
Men love fun and they love women who will go outside and play with them!

Drop what you are doing to be with him.  Watch him play a sport.  Watch him mow the lawn.  Go hiking with him. Try a new restaurant together.  Suggest doing something new and different together and then go and do it!

5.  Make ordinary things sensuous.
There is extraordinary in the ordinary everyday things of life.  He will notice when you make the ordinary things into sensual things.

Notice the beauty of nature.  Be amazed at the stars and the moon.  Put on music and dance while you prepare dinner. Relish every bite and every flavor of your food.  Touch your husband with gentle, loving deliberate hands. Smile often and laugh a lot!

Sexy is an inside job.  Passion and romance come from the most lovely parts of you...your heart, your attitude and your thoughts and beliefs about yourself.  If you are passionate you are like a beacon of light to your husband. And he will always be interested and into you no matter how many years you have been together!

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Known for blending her gracious and gentle style of teaching with her intuition and knowledge of relationships, romance and the energy of romance Emily creates simple and fun ways for you to have the romance and passion you so deeply crave. She is the creator of The Romance Principles™, an author, Relationship Coach and Law of Attraction Coach. Please visit her website at