HR managers are part of the leadership team in any organisation. They are responsible for training the employees in various skills, as well as showing an aptitude for man-management. To be able to do these tasks, an HR manager has to be equipped with certain fundamental skills. Companies recruiting for HR managers in the best MBA institutes in India look for these skills in potential candidates.

Let’s take a look at the 5 fundamental skills all HR managers must have.

1. Communication

HR managers are tasked with conducting interviews, interacting with the employees regularly, listening to their issues, etc. To be able to do these tasks, the HR manager must be able to express themselves in oral and written form of communication. Oral communication helps in developing a form of trust and a good professional relationship with your employees. Written communication helps HR managers to make policy handbooks and various other memos.

2. Decision making

An HR manager has to make important decisions from time to time. It could be during recruitment, by looking to hire the right candidate from the available pool. Hiring the right candidate is not an easy job. Your practice, experience and intuition come into play in that situation. Thus, the HR manager has to trust their judgement before making the final decision.

3. Training and development

An HR manager is responsible for the training and development of the new employee. They have to make sure that the employee is well updated with the practices of the company and equipped with the necessary skills to succeed. This will not only help the employee’s career growth but also benefit the company as a whole.

4. Budgeting

From monitoring appraisals to allocating resources for various projects, the HR manager is responsible for managing the budget of the company. They keep a tab on the budget allocated to various projects and functions, which is updated from time to time. This helps in avoiding overspending and curbing unnecessary costs.

5. Counselling

Often times, employees are not in a good space of mind, which affects their productivity. It could be related to their health or problems in their personal lives. Since the companies have a moral responsibility towards the well being of their employees, the HR manager conducts counselling sessions for them. They listen to their employees' grievances and try to provide solutions for the same. This empathetic nature of the HR manager goes a long way in improving the mental well being of the employees. It gives them the “home away from home” feeling, as someone from the top brass has made a genuine effort to solve their problems.

These are some of the fundamental skills an HR manager should possess. If the above skills and responsibilities mentioned pique your interest in HR, do enrol in the best MBA colleges in Maharashtra or elsewhere. All the best!

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