5 Furniture Arrangement Tips to Maximise A Small Dining Room

We all love a beautiful and personalized dining room. Be it for having a quiet family dinner or for entertaining guests, the décor and arrangement of the dining room plays a major part in giving a friendly and personal ambience.

When you have a big dining room, you have a lot of options to work with. But people with a small dining room think that their options are very limited. But that’s not the case. You can do a lot of things with a small dining room including making the small space look like a large dining room. It all depends on how you arrange the furniture and design the décor.

A major portion of the dining room is filled with furniture. Be it the central table and the chairs or the occasional buffet table or the bookshelf and coffee table, the furniture takes up a good portion of the space. Therefore, arranging this furniture properly plays a critical role in giving an illusion of a large spaced room. Want to know the right way to arrange your dining room furniture? Here are a few arrangement tips for furniture.


Create A Paper Design

Before you start rearranging the furniture directly, have a clear plan of where each piece of furniture will go. It doesn’t mean to have a vague idea but an accurate plan with proper measurements is essential to achieve the best effect. You can either make a copy of the room plan to work on or you can also use one of the online software.

First, mark the windows and doorways of the dining room. If you have a permanent shelf or a fireplace, make a note of it too on the room plan. Next, make a measurement of all the furniture you have in the dining room. If you are planning to buy extra furniture, then have an approximate measurement which you can afford with the space constraints you have.

Start with the placement of the furniture in different positions according to the central table, the door and the windows. As you progress by marking with the accurate measurements, you will now have an idea of how you want the room to look. With this, you can proceed with the illusion of making the room bigger by the arrangement of furniture.

Gap Between The Furniture and The Walls

The most important tip to create an illusion of a spacious room is to leave a few inches of gap between any furniture and the wall. This may rob you of a little space but this simple arrangement could go a long way in creating an illusion of more space than it actually is.

You may have some decorative pieces to fill in space or maybe have some small sized bookshelf that also doubles as a side table to keep some knickknacks to eat like chocolate, crackers, etc.

The shape of The Dining Table

The shape of the dining table you choose is important to maximize the space. Rectangular dining tables occupy a lot of space giving an impression of a small room. Instead, go for dining tables that are round in shape or maybe square. This will give an intimate feeling when guests sit down to talk which will bode well with the small-sized dining room.

Placement of Main Table and Chairs

For any kind of dining room, the main dining table in the centre of the room is the best option. This will allow to let the dining room be as far away from the walls and the door as possible making way for more space to be visible.

Arrange the chairs around the table and leave enough spaces between the chairs to ensure that there are enough elbow space and room for the guests to freely sit. Make sure that the number of chairs you choose is in proportion to the size of the dining table.

Placement of Other Furniture Around The Dining Table


Keep any other furniture a bit away from the way of the chairs so that it doesn’t come in way of the guests walking around or when they are pulling out their chairs.

For buffet tables or wine cabinets, keep them a bit far away from the table and towards the wall. You can also place them in the corner of the room and save yourself from filling the place with random decorative objects. Some may have sofas inside the dining room. Ensure that the size of the sofa is small and compact so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you have a really small dining room, then avoid having sofas as they make end up making your room look cluttered.


Once you have chalked out a plan in your room plan according to these tips, you can go forth and arrange your dining room to see how well it looks!

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