Thakur ji singhasan is a precious item embraced to place kanha ji. On special occasions like Janmashtami, Holi and Diwali, the singhasan can be converted into a jhula for laddu gopal ji that can be easily swayed. As it’s a precious item and a one-time purchase that can be used for a long period of time, we’ve compiled a list of the best kanha ji singhsan online in this easy to browse post for you. We have covered different materials, sizes and styles that you can easily skim through.

Get a wholesome idea and pin them accordingly!

  1. Wooden bal gopal singhasan with an eye-catching back

  2. Why did we choose this?

    Because this designer wooden singhasan conveniently suits in any type of puja ghar without taking much of the space! What we like the most about it is the long and designer back and the pink seat that adds to its beauty. The handwork embossed on the singhasan is the icing on the cake.

  3. Peacock design decorated with flowers

  4. Why did we choose this?

    For that peacock design! For those who love it too, indulge in a super soft wooden design, detailed carvings on the back, a decorative structure and accessories like artificial flowers.

  5. Singhasan with sheltered top – exclusive design

  6. Why did we choose this?

    For that sheltered top! If you want to add that something extra to your already beautiful puja ghar, opt for the top covered singhasan that intricately designed peacock back and makti on the top.

  7. Singhasan cum jhula built with wood

  8. Why did we choose this?

    For the stunning heart shape and the dual benefit that it offers! Skip buying only singhasan and go for a multi-purpose singhasan cum jhula for laddu gopal ji. Embellish it with fresh flowers and nooks for bells. You puja ghar will be enlightened and get an edge over others.

  9. All pink singhasan with a shape of heart

  10. Why did we choose this?

    For that stunning heart shape and color! It’s elegant, classy and not opulent at all. Besides that, this little heart shaped singhasan with its all-pink lively appearance is for those looking for energetic space.

    Pin one of the aforementioned singhasan for laddu gopal ji and add this piece of beauty in your puja ghar to uplift the entire appearance.

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