A coffee maker machine is often viewed as a necessity for many people. They just cannot live without their daily fix of freshly brewed coffee. This is why coffee makers continue to enjoy brisk sales all over the world. Unfortunately, if you live alone, a regular coffee maker machine is not really ideal for you. This is because you will always be making more than what you can consume. This results to a lot of wasted coffee. If you live alone, your best option is to get a single serve coffee maker like the Keurig B70 or the Senseo Supreme 7832. Here are five advantages of actually having a single cup coffee maker in your home.

#1: Less Waste – imagine you are living alone. This means you will only be feeding yourself most of the time. If you get a regular coffee maker, you will always end up making coffee for more than one person. This means there will be a lot of waste. However, with a single cup coffee maker, you will only be making enough coffee for one person. This results to less waste coffee down the drain. With less waste, you will definitely see a lot of money over time.

#2: Easy to Prepare – single serve coffee makers are easy to use and set up. You can load it with your favorite coffee beans and you can then get a cup of coffee just the way you like it in just a push of the button. In fact, many coffee maker models can be programmed to make coffee at a certain time of the day. This means you can set up your coffee maker the night before and have a freshly brewed cup right when you wake up.

#3: Get the Right Cup Size – single cup coffee makers can adjust the cup size you want. This means your coffee fix will be addressed easily. Just specify the cup size that you want.

#4: Easy to Maintain and Clean – single cup coffee makers are also easy to maintain and to clean. This is because you will not be cleaning a coffee pot but only a small coffee cup every time you use the machine. You can also fully clean the machine easily by following a simple step by step guide.

#5: Save Space – popular single serve coffee making machines have a very compact size. This means that it will not take up too much space on your kitchen counter. This makes the single serve coffee maker to be perfect for people who live in small flats or apartments all by themselves. This way, they will be able to make great coffee every day at all times.

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As you can see, single cup coffee makers like the Keurig Platinum and the Senseo Coffee Machine are very advantageous to own. So why waste extra cups of coffee when you only need a single cup?