Carpets are a great way to tie a room together and add character to your home. There are many different types, sizes and styles of carpets so let's take a look at some of our suggestions on types of carpets.

Suggestion #1: Don't skimp out on the size of your area rug

If you go for a small carpet, let's say, in your living room, you'll end up making your room look smaller. You want to tie your room together so if you have a big room, then buy berber carpet. You should consider adding a large center carpet designed for living rooms like a Persian style carpet that is big enough so that the front legs of your furniture are resting comfortably on it.

Suggestion #2: Use a padded, decorative kitchen mat in your kitchen to add some flair!

A small decorative mat in your kitchen can make your cooking space come to life! For example, if you have a tropical decorative theme going on in your home, you can add a life-like tropical themed kitchen mat complete with sand, sun and sea shells that will make you feel like you are cooking in a kitchen in Barbados!


If you are a cat lover, get a slip resistant "cat themed" mat that will continuously remind you of your love for your cute and furry feline.

Suggestion #3: Use a long hair fashioned carpet in your "cozy" spaces

Every home has at least one dedicated "cozy" space where you can kick back, cuddle up and enjoy a good movie! In these spaces, consider something like a European long hair rug. They are fuzzy, warm and provide a feeling of comfort and contentment.

They are especially appreciated in your bedroom on a cold, snowy or rainy day. Easy on the feet when you get out of bed and add a dash of color to bring your bedroom to life!

Suggestion #4: Don't be afraid to use a decorative carpet over top of a living room carpet

This is especially true if you have mostly dull colors in your living room and you want to ad some color. Many people think, at first, that a carpet on top of a carpet won't look good or with not be fashionable. The opposite is in fact true.

Suggestion #5: If you have kids or pets consider using a small, decorative carpet for your child's dog house or your favorite pet's"condo" or "house"

YES, don't leave your pets out when it comes to home decor! Your animals take pride in their living space (territory) and you can help liven up their sleep space with a nice decorative carpet! If you have children, a small carpet can make for a great foundation for a doll house.

Whatever you decide to do in your home, make sure that you choose good carpets, at the right sizes and with the right colors and patters that will tie furniture together and make the room pop! Using carpets is simply a FANTASTIC way to bring your home to life and fill you with joy!

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