Planning a bachelor party isn’t always easy, especially if you’re that kind of guy who wants something unique everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. It might seem intimidating, but all you need is a little planning and organization. First, you need to draw up a guest list and choose some ideal festivities the groom would love. So, if you want to put up a bachelor party that one day legends will be told about, here are 5 great no-fail ideas that will always work.


If bachelor parties were movies, this would be one of the all-time classics. So if you think that hosting a wild all-night party at an exclusive club is the thing for the groom and your mates then hit the town. First what you should get in touch with the management of the nearby hotspot and ask about renting VIP rooms for the evening. Make sure that all the partygoers are ready to chip in because this can get really expensive and especially if you have an open bar. Young bachelors wondering through the party streets. Now that’s a popular site in every major city. If the groom and all your mates are fans of a hot, club atmosphere then they will have the time of their life. Strong alcohol, loud music and beautiful girls on the dance floor promise great fun. However, keep in mind that not everyone likes this kind type of entertainment so stick to a plan you’re all on board with.

2. Trip to Las Vegas

If your groom and your mates like neon lights, poolside cocktails, slot machines, and all-you-can-eat buffets then there ain’t nothing better then a trip to Sin-City. Book a late-night flight because flights from anywhere to Vegas are usually cheap. Also, book a large hotel suite in a decent hotel and you’re good to go. There is no better adult playground than Vegas. From helicopter rides and skydiving to private pools and table service, you name it Vegas has it all. Celebrate and unwind all night and crash in the morning. Catch a late-night flight home and you will have enough memories to remember the next 10 years. If you think Vegas is the thing for your groom and all your buddies, try it, because you will never regret it.

3. Extreme sports

Before you arrange anything first ask yourself: “ Is the groom into extreme sports and is he a thrillseeker or just enjoys getting out and being active’’. So, if the groom is a thrill seeker and the adrenaline rush and feeling of danger is the thing you all love, then make sure you have some fun in an extreme way. If you want to push the limits of sanity to try bungee jumping, skydiving, parachuting, flying a glider or maybe paragliding. If this is too extreme and you want something al little less heart-attack-inducing there are other extreme sports like ziplining, hiking trips, and paintball. When planning always make sure that none of the guests suffer from heights. Also for guests that like something calmer when it comes to the adrenaline you can always try escape rooms, haunted houses or a go-kart track. After everyone has survived the extreme evening, naturally you have to celebrate it.

4. Outdoor activities

Sometimes bachelor parties don’t have to be wild and extravagant. Some people dream of an outdoor adventure in nature or on the road. If you think you and your friends are the types then consider some of these ideas. If you always wanted to rent an RV, get all the guys together and visit places you always wanted to then maybe now’s the time. This can be a perfect time to visit some major events and locations. If you’re looking for a way to release stress then maybe try deep-sea fishing. Just imagine you and the guys going against big game fish. Sounds like a real adventure doesn’t it? This can be a great bonding experience and something most of you will never get to do again. This doesn’t usually require much planning. All you have to do is to contact some deep-sea fishing companies and they will arrange everything. If the groom and the guys like nature then maybe consider hiking or camping. This is probably one of the most peaceful and relaxing options out there. This is perfect for a groom who is modest and likes to keep simple and most importantly, loves nature. Imagine hanging out around the fire under the open sky. Now that’s a good time spent, plus it is a great cost-effective option that won’t hurt your budget. If the groom is super competitive and loves nature the maybe try paintball. There is nothing like a paintball that can get you all in the zone and see what you are made of. You can compete with each other or you can just team up against a group of regulars. Win or lose, this is always a great way for your groom and your buddies to have a fantastic time.

5. Strip club

Let’s face it when most guys think of bachelor parties, the first thing that comes to their mind is stripers. Although it can be fun, a ‘’ pole and tassel’’ themed stag night just isn’t for every guy.
If you decide to go this way then you must find out if this is acceptable not only for the groom but also for his bride-to-be. Of course, you want to send your best friend into married life with style, but not at the cost of destroying the mood of the wedding. Remember that bachelor parties in strip clubs can go down for a number of reasons, so play by the rules and always have the groom’s back. Don’t let the groom and the quests do anything stupid because if they do, say goodbye to your party.

There are many options and it all depends on what makes your groom’s heart tick. The important thing is to choose wisely and not get carried away with far-out ideas that will never work. Also If the groom is a more corporate and classy type of guy then consider hiring a professional event company and they will take care of everything. Remember the only thing that matters is that all of you have a great time.

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