If you are among the many unfortunate people suffering from unremitting breath odor problems, and have tried many over the counter treatments, regarding curing bad breath , don't be disheartened... here are a few tips on addressing this condition. In addition, with the right information, curing this issue doesn't have to be heavy on your pocket. In fact, one can get a fresh breath at a reasonable price. Having a bad odor in your breath is, in many cases, social taboo and may literally ban you from your social circle. It is also pointless to try and mask this problem as most of the times this doesn't provide lasting help.

Understanding the cause of nasty breath is the first step in curing bad breath. The most common cause of this issue is the bacteria accumulation within the mouth in the form of a sticky layer over the tongue and teeth. Secondly, it may also be due to periodontal disease and thirdly, the cause may be due to some particular kinds of food items such as garlic and onions. If you have periodontal disease, curing bad breath may simply start with a trip to the dentist, followed by the practice of good hygiene, and a well-balanced diet.

Below are some effectual ways of curing bad breath:

Visit your dentist - some people experience breath problems because of the smell of volatile sulfuric compounds created within the mouth or due to some particular disease. So make sure to visit your dentist or doctor to get their help to treat this.

Oral hygiene - the habit of proper oral hygiene is very important in keeping your breath fresh and healthy. Ensure that you floss and brush at least two times a day and use a good scrapper for your tongue to remove excess bacteria deposited on your tongue. This is definitely the most important part of curing breath issues.

Drink plenty of water - a dry mouth is more prone to bacterial growth and consequently to foul breath. So drinking plenty of water each day is an indispensable part of curing bad breath .

Crunchy vegetables and fruits - most people are generally unaware of the fact that apples, cucumbers and carrots, are not only good for health, but they arouse saliva, which in turn keeps bacteria at bay... giving you fresh and healthy breath.

Natural mouth fresheners - adding natural breath fresheners like fenugreek, parsley, avocado and guava, to your daily diet is a very good step towards curing bad breath . These natural fresheners have antibacterial agents which slow down the creation of volatile sulfuric compounds.

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