Giving out tips on fighting bad breath is a risky proposition, especially if the person suffering from it is a close friend or family member. They might resent the intrusion, or worse, avoid you because of the embarrassment. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can't give them tips in fighting bad breath. You just have to be careful how to do it. Here are some tips to follow and treatments to recommend for people around you who have foul breath and may not seem to be aware of it.

1. Give them citrus fruits. Fruits in general help with digestion and assists in removing putrefying materials from your digestive tract. These materials cause breath odor by producing acids that can travel back up through your throat and into your mouth. An advantage that citrus fruits have over regular fruits is it induces saliva production. Lemons, limes, and oranges all fall into this category. Saliva reduces the bacteria in the mouth, leaving you with sweeter breath. Offering your friend these fruits can solve the problem without you bringing up the subject of foul breath. Just make sure that person eats your gift.

2. Instead of offering them mints after a meal, switch to mint or parsley leaves. Keeping a stash of this in your bag or desk makes it very accessible and easy to offer. After meals or after the coffee break, discreetly take it out and offer it around. Explain why you chew on the leaves instead of using mints. Chances are they'll try it out for themselves.

3. Keep them hydrated. Drink 8 glasses of water and encourage your friend to do the same thing. Add a twist of lemon to make it taste different. Monitor their liquid intake and steer them away from sodas that contain too much sugar, which can also contribute to breath odor.

4. Sugarless gum is also great for stimulating saliva production. Buy an extra pack and offer it to your friend, again after meals or coffee. This can make a difference in the way their breath smells, and have longer lasting effects than mints and most mouthwashes.

5. Cut up raw vegetables as a snack. Fighting bad breath means being careful with what you put in your body. Raw vegetables are light, easy to digest, and great for your breath. Raw vegetables fight plaque and in some cases, can even act as a natural dental floss. Green leafy vegetables also contain chlorophyll, which is a great breath freshener.

Of course, if you are really affected by the smell and would like your friend or family member to take a more active role in fighting bad breath, telling them is usually the best way to do it. Just make sure to do it in private to avoid embarrassing them, and offer them the above tips so fighting bad breath will not be hard for them to do.

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