When your vision is clear then it is quite easy to set objectives for yourself. You are clear about your goals and you know all the steps to reach there.

But even knowing the process, it becomes hard to cope up with things sometimes. It gets hard to work with the same persistence and discipline. That's when the motivation comes in. Having a vision with inspiration is truly priceless.

If you have read enough quotes and watched many motivational videos but still don't know how to stay motivated then here are the 5 tips to stay motivated everyday while working on your vision and goals.

Wake up early and work on hard tasks first

It is one of the best ways to stay motivated and make your day more productive. The logic behind this is very simple: once you have completed the most difficult tasks, the rest of the tasks will be a piece of a cake for you. You'll feel more comfortable while doing other tasks. It will make you believe in your potential and enhance your productivity.

When you wake up, you are fresh and full of energy and you can use your full potential to deal with the most difficult tasks. So, identify the most difficult tasks in your routine and start your day by dealing with these tasks. Once you complete these tasks, the rest of your day will be comfortable and enjoyable.

Early Planning

Planning is the most important part in achieving your goals. Success is always pre-planned, it doesn't happen by chance. It is important to understand what has to be done and why it has to be done. Make a full devised plan according to your long term and short term goals. Planning early will help you to work efficiently. You'll feel motivated and have an idea of the time you need to accomplish your goals. Also, you'll be able to use your unutilized time in something else. This is really an excellent way to motivate yourself and improve productivity.

Keep track of your achievements

You are probably working hard to achieve more in your life but you should never forget the path that you've already travelled. Occasionally, you must feel grateful for the things you have already achieved. Remind yourself of how far you've come and how much you have achieved. It will remind you that you are full of potential and you are able to handle all the things coming your way. Appreciating yourself for your accomplished achievements can make you feel confident and motivated. It'll give you a quick boost for future goals. So, it's always a good idea to keep track of your achievements and make them easily accessible to you.

Find time to relax

Have you ever wondered why the seventh day has been the day of rest? Researches have shown that the reason behind this is the shadow of a doubt. Humans are not machines and they can't perform at optimal levels for 24 hours a day, seven days a week without proper rest. If you try to work continuously without having any rest, your creativity, concentration and productivity suffer. So, it is extremely important to take breaks between your work especially when you have a very hectic schedule. This will help you to ensure that you are having proper energy levels and not going against your body.

Give yourself the "Me Time"

Apart from fake love and fake people of the world, do what you like the most. Yes, that's what we call me time. It is the time that you give to yourself and do whatever you want to do. It can be your hobby, passion or anything you like. Even the most powerful leaders can suffer sometimes in life but giving yourself the "Me Time" can help you to regain your perspective. No matter whether you are giving 10 minutes or one hour, just make sure that you are giving time to yourself. It is also necessary for your mental and spiritual growth. It will help you to stay motivated and start with a new and energetic perspective.

Final words

We all are born the same but as we grew up, we learned different values. Our beliefs and perspectives change. Napoleon Hill has said, whatever our mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

So, believe in yourself because you have unlimited potential. You are worthy of success and happiness.

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Shubham Shukla is a blogger and freelancer. He shares technology and online marketing related information on Leadbloging. He’s also a fitness and travel enthusiast.