We all want to be the person in the room who everyone gravitates to and who seems to perpetually captivate their audience. However, cultivating an image of charisma can seem like quite the challenge. If you want to improve your image, try these five habits of charismatic people on for size.

1. They Smile

Somewhere along the way, we got the idea that people who look happy and inviting are somehow weak and not confident. That couldn't be further from the truth. While a gruff or stern expression might make someone seem dominant, it's a false bravado that doesn't really fool anyone. According to Boise Dental, an authentic smile is associated with trustworthiness, kindness, and confidence.

2. They Acknowledge Individuals

Charismatic people don't dismiss people or view people as mere members of a group. Instead, they view people as individuals. They do this by making eye contact during conversations, remembering names and asking personal questions. Charisma on Command has a video on this very subject.

3. They're Funny (But Never Obnoxious)

The loudmouth in a group who goes out of his way to get cheap laughs with bawdy or offensive jokes is rarely described as "charismatic." Typically, a person like that is described as "obnoxious." Charismatic people make others laugh not by being annoying or belligerent, but by making light and honest observations about the world around them. A charismatic person makes a humorous observation about undesirable weather conditions; an obnoxious person yells a string of profanities at the falling snow.

4. They Want to Be Liked, But They Won't Fall to Pieces If They're Not

Many self-improvement blogs like to promulgate the concept of "not giving a bleep about how other people view you." While this advice has some merit, especially to those suffering from intense social anxiety, it's not cornerstone to cultivating an image of charisma. Charismatic people do care if people like them; it's one of the reasons why they go out of their way to be kind and approachable. However, charismatic people understand that you can't win over everyone. If someone isn't buying what they're selling, they don't fall to pieces over it. This comes from an unusual sense of self-worth, which doesn’t rely on emotional validation from others.

5. They're Genuinely Happy

Being perceived as charismatic is intensely difficult if you aren't genuinely happy and confident. If you don't like who you are and don't feel comfortable in your own skin, the most important thing is to remedy that. Once you actually feel confident, the charisma part will follow.

If you adopt these habits into your everyday life, you can improve how people view you and ensure that more people will feel naturally drawn to you.

Author's Bio: 

Rachael Murphey is a writer/entrepreneur living in Denver, CO