Habits of Mind refer to a series of thinking dispositions normally displayed by intelligent individuals. Such dispositions lead people to great success when used on daily basis. It was Professor Art Costa who came up with 16 Habits of Mind which have been proven to be very effective for everyone who really wants to make the most out of the mind power.

The Habits of Mind are not thinking tools. They are rather dispositions that can help you to adopt efficient thinking strategies. When you’re confronted with life’s challenges or problems, you can easily engage any of the habits to scale through.

Out of the 16 Habits of Mind, there are 5 major ones you need to engage for easy success in life. Let’s examine them.

1. Persisting
This is the habit of Mind that helps you to stick to a given profitable task until it’s successfully completed. People with this kind of mind habit don’t give up easily in any life’s venture. They can stay put to deal with any problem or situation that can mar their success in the venture they are pursuing. You can train your mind to persist always in the face of challenges. You can achieve this by practice and also by the power of positive thinking.

2. Managing Impulsivity
This is a mind habit that gives you room to look before you leap. It helps you never to be desperate in any given situation. It gives you time to think and plan your way of escape in any situation. If you have this kind of Mind habit, you’ll always think before you act. It gives you room to analyze situations and think out useful ways to breakthrough.

3. Gathering Data Through the Senses
This kind of Habit of Mind allows you the freedom to use your natural sensory pathways to gather pieces of information that can help you succeed in any venture in life. It’s important for you to know that majority of information come into the brain through your sensory pathways. If your sensory pathways are alive and active, you can easily utilize them to gather enough information which you can use in dealing with any given condition.

4. Listening with Empathy and Understanding
This is a vital habit of Mind that helps you to understand others when you take time to listen to them. If you have this kind of habit, you’ll always give others the room to air their views or share their problems with you. With such a habit, you’re sure to be a better person to relate with. You can easily become a good counselor to others.

5. Creating, Innovating and Imagining
This is a very important habit of mind that gives you room to create useful ideas that can lead to great success in life. Your mind has the capacity to imagine or create things which can turn out to be very helpful not only to you but also to people around you.

Indeed, there are other habits of Mind you need to know. Among them include, precise communication, thinking flexibly, responding with awe, thinking about your thinking, taking responsible risks, striving for accuracy, finding humor, and a lot more. When you engage these together with the 5 discussed above, you’ll always succeed in any venture you engage in life.

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