2 Ways to become a reader or make reading Interesting

Many people complain about reading because they find it difficult to make it easy and enjoyable. Some people said that we can't focus on a topic while we read a book, some complaint about neck pain and so on. So what is the solution? what should we do to make it better, easy, interesting etc?
Today I am going to tell how you can convert the reading book from hard to an easy job so you will start enjoying it.

2 reasons for feeling bad while reading
1) Psychological
2) Physical

Every kind of problem which you face psychologically like, unable to focus due to distraction in your mind, lack of interest etc are included in psychological problems.

1) How to Overcome Psychological problems.

This is the main thing which you need to understand in order to make reading easy and interesting. If you are able to master this one then you will become a regular reading in less time.

Unable to Focus

This is the major problem which people face while reading a book. They complain that I can't focus on a topic so how could I continue and eventually they stop quit reading without understanding the root cause to this problem. The root cause of this problem is the lack of interest in a topic which you are reading or a kind of book which you choose to read.
Before going to buy some books, you should need to ask yourself about your area of interest. Suppose your area of interest is a fiction and you have got a book which is about self-help. This will never be going to work. So choose a book related to your interest.

Mental Disturbance

This is a rear problem which I personally face. When we sit to read the book, we think that we will read at least 10 pages but unable to read all them. Why we can't do that. and how to overcome this one.
Before going to sit for reading, we need to do all kind of tasks which are in pending.
Suppose there are some tasks which you have to finish like check emails, Exercise, make a phone call etc. So before going to sit and start reading, finish all your tasks so while reading your mind would not be disturbed.

2) Physical

All kind of obstacles which you face physically like, neck pain, unable to hold book or kindle for a long time are included in physical.

How To Overcome Physical Problems

When it comes to a physical problem which you face during reading, here you should use tools and gadgets in order to overcome those problems.
Like Book page holder which hold a page, Pillow Book Holder which is so helpful while reading in bed, Kindle holder which is use to hold kindle while reading in a bed.

All these holders would help you to hold books, kindle devices and makes your hands free.
For neck pain, this is another tool which called back support pillow. This tools will give you relive while reading.

Author's Bio: 

Karim Ali is CEO of bestbookgadgets. He loves to read book and draw philosophies from the book and deliver them to a public.