When it comes to healing, even modern science has no answer yet. There are certain things that are beyond science. If you are looking for mental health, you should try to look into crystal healing rather than being dependent on medicines. The medicines may give you temporary relief, but if you are looking for long term benefits, you should try crystals. It brings the positive energy inside you and heals you of the pain. Whether it is external negative energy or within you, crystals can help you bring in positivity inside you. Crystals come from the earth, so they can help us connect to the grounding force of the planet. It is a collection of energy that protects you from any source of negativity. When you keep crystal jewelry in your pocket, you will realize the positive effect of this energy inside your body and mind. It is very easy to cleanse a crystal and needs to be done the right way. You can leave your crystal immersed in salt on a clear tabletop. The salt will absorb all the negative energy from the crystal, renewing it to protect you from the negative energy. Each crystal has a different energy, but all of them work to bring more positivity in you.


Turquoise is the master healer and is believed to be the connection between heaven and earth. This blue crystal is known to have protective and lucky elements. When you are looking for a crystal store, make sure they have enough experience in crystals and energy healing. Wearing turquoise is known to bring you feelings of calm, peace and satisfaction. It is also known to make you an extrovert if you have been struggling to socialize earlier. The effects of this crystal are said to be magnified when it is presented as a gift.


Amethyst is considered the most spiritual crystal of all. If unknown things bring you anxiety, sadness or depression, amethyst is known to heal you and bring only positivity. It is believed that an amethyst opens up your third eye and brings you closer to your intuition. If you want to come in terms with your situation and overcome grief, there’s nothing like amethyst. It is also known to give you mental clarity and increase your psychic abilities. So, sit in a quiet place with this crystal and observe the effects your mind has. An amethyst also purifies the negative energy or other such attachments. 


Aquamarine is a valued stone from the ancient age. It is a semi-precious stone but has healing properties as well. It is named after seawater and has a fresh blue color that has a very calming and soothing effect. Some of its healing properties include relieving stress, healing trauma, cooling high temper and conflict, calming the heart and helping to speak the truth. This beautiful crystal helps you in letting go and accept the truth. Aquamarine helps to achieve a deeper meditation state and helps you get in touch with your own inner wisdom.

4.Green Amber

The green amber stone is said to heal your mental injuries and is associated with inner healing. The Romans knew the green amber as the stone of evening. It is said to reduce your depression and anger issues. It also works on your chakras to relieve you of any guilt. This all-rounder stone is said to keep the love between couples intact and help to fight nervousness. If you have stage freight or notice the love fading between you and your partner, you should buy a green amber and try to meditate for long hours. Green amber is a crystal that has protective powers. It is best for people who get stressed all the time and want to get rid of negative energy. This stone will balance your feelings and make you feel more positive. 

A coral is a hard and mineralized form of marine animals that are primarily composed of calcium carbonate. It is one of the most common stones and is believed to bring in transformation and peace. Some of its properties are that it brings peace, is an emotional healer, stimulates intention and boosts fertility. Coral enhances the transfer of knowledge. It may not be a very popular choice but has numerous healing properties. It is known to cure depression and dependency. If you are someone who has been working towards a goal for a long time without reaping many benefits, then coral helps to stimulate you towards the goal. It treats hiccups, heartburn and also releases any form of impurities from the muscular system. 

You can buy these crystals just like that or as a piece of jewelry to wear it and use it wherever you go. 

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