Add more and powerful keywords to the content

One of Google's best and best algorithms is the Rank Brain algorithm, which helps the search engine understand the concept of search terms and searches for it, targeted web traffic not just by keyword!

So, with the help of this algorithm, your website may even be up for words that do not exist in your content, because it involves the core concept and user requirement.

Good news is that Google will notify you of these words! With the help of the Google Webmaster Tools tool, the Search Analytics section lets you see words and queries that Google feels like to have proximity to your content.

Now your task is to optimize your old content for these words and consolidate your position in these possible (but potentially powerful!) Words!

Let me explain more:

This article was initially with words like Instagram's Explorer tab, Instagram Explorer, Instagram Explorer, etc., except for the 8-10 rankings and had a steady visibility. But when I came to Google Webmaster Productions, I came across an interesting scene!

Google occasionally raised my content with phrases such as "How to make our post global" and then back to lower pages! Looking for the highest quality traffic that is keyword-driven from the major search engines and has the added benefit of boosting your Alexa ranking?  Look no further.  Buy targeted organic traffic and watch the results.  It's safe and easy, and considering all you get for it, it's a pretty good deal! 

Related keywords suggested by Google based on the RankBrain algorithm.

Look at the red boxes. The long red box of my CTR has been my site in these terms, all of them 0! This means that Google has brought my site to these results with these terms, but no user has clicked on them, and so my site has returned to the bottom line again.

What I did was choose the powerful words in this list and I used them in the new content editing!

What sort of words did I choose? Based on 2 factors: high hits and rate of communication (this little affects my personal sense of my website!)

After I chose these words, I used these words whenever possible! For example;

  • Introduction Lecture

Introduction to content is important and add more keywords in this section can have an impact.

  • H2 tag or subheadings (and naturally within that paragraph)

Imagine each sub heading as a separate content and optimize the paragraph for that keyword.

  • Tag alt Photos

The alt tag also needs to have the keyword you want Google to know better.

Now that you've enriched your content with potentially powerful keywords, you can see it in less than one to two weeks.

The result that I got after editing a few weeks later can be seen in the following figure:

You see that I get a lot of clicks from all the words I've added!

Is not it great?!

- Add more multimedia to content

Another thing you can do to keep your content up to date is to add multimedia to your content.

Add some other images to your content and add the alt tag with different words for those words. This great thing helps you.


The video is the most important multimedia experience, and it has an extraordinary effect on photo or audio.

I advise you to put a video for each content, because in addition to updating the content, it has a positive effect on the site's SEO. For example, it can reduce Bounce Rate, which is incredibly effective!

- Make Fick Comments!

Comments and comments are considered as part of a single page's content and can cause your content to be updated. But maybe your post will not receive a comment, what will you do in that case?

My advice to you is to create fan comments!

Leave a comment from someone else's post and complete his reply. In conclusion, I have 2 recommendations for you:

  • Use your keywords and LSIs in your comment.
  • As a response, you can link to other articles in your comment

If you create your fake comments correctly, in addition to displaying your content in the form of an updated, evergreen content that increases the site's visibility, it can engage visitors with the various pages. Website.

  1. Increase site visit by re-publishing old content

Editing old content helps to increase the traffic of your site through Google's inputs, but it alone cannot increase traffic to your website.

I recommend that you post it as a newly released content on all your communication channels after editing any content!

  • Send an article to members of the Gray webmaster email newsletter

Re-publishing old content for members of the email newsletter can increase traffic to the site.

  • Share content on various social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn

If your audience is people who are active in the web, publishing or re-publishing content on Twitter can provide good feedback for you.

LinkedIn is a professional social networking business, and if you have good connections in your field, you can get good feedback.

  • Content sharing on the telegram

Despite the telegram's elephant, the message can still be good for you.

So, if you've edited your old content, you'll need to re-enable it. This will increase your site's visibility and you can take advantage of your updated content.

* Professionals to read:  If you want to publish your content on social networks, be sure to add a text for it and not just publish the link! Adding an explanation will make the audience more involved with this post, and you can finally see an increase in clickthrough rates or CTRs!

  1. Increase site traffic with the help of Infowellers

In almost every field, there are one or more influential or so-called Influenzas whose words and effects affect many people.

Now assume that an Influenza who deals with the potential audience of your business will advise you and your content to others! what will happen? Naturally, many people will come to your content with a positive view, which will increase your website traffic or Buy Website traffic to experience a different level in website traffic service.  Instead of selecting geography by country, really narrow down the scope and zero in on the state or states that make the most sense for your offer or event.  Don't waste time and money advertising to a wider audience if you don't have to.  And, you can event select a business category to further optimize targeting!

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I hope I have answered your question. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.