Whether you are currently eyeing the buff guy at the gym, the successful businessman at work or the loner at the bar, here's something you need to know: you can make any man want you. You just need to follow these 5 highly effective steps - that's all!

Step 1: Find out why he's so attractive.

If you aren't the only woman pining over this guy, then you have to find out why he is so attractive to begin with. If no one else seems interested, though, then just keep tabs on him. Try to find out if he's an athlete, a book worm or a closet romantic. Once you figure out his hobbies by watching his moves, you can figure out how to act words him and make him want you.

Step 2: Have faith.

You cannot make any man want you if you are filled with insecurities - that's a fact. So, stop being bitter and start to feel good about yourself for a change. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be over-confident, though. Men basically just tend to avoid people who have negative outlooks on life, so just be happy with what you have and let those positive thoughts shine.

Step 3: Dress well.

When it comes to men, it his hard to tell whether they prefer women who are prim and proper or women who are voluptuous and sexy. So, what you should do instead is get those stereotypes out of your head and just buy clothes that will properly highlight your best physical features. If you do this successfully, you can make any man want you and become attracted to you.

Step 4: Be nice.

Before you get to know a man properly, you will have to act accordingly in order for him to find you attractive. Once you start talking to him, you can start being a little mean and putting some character into your personality Before that, however, you have to be nice if you want to make any man take notice of you.

Step 5: Start a conversation.

Some men aren't confident enough to approach a woman to talk, so you can ease that pressure that they feel by starting a conversation yourself. So, in order to make any man want you, start talking about something basic and see how comfortable you get with each other. If things go smoothly, you can then start getting to know each other better.

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