Save money this summer and into winter by taking care of a few essential home repairs while the weather is warm. Some home maintenance and repair projects are better done in the summer for a few reasons. One is that they're easier to do in good weather and two is that some repairs can actually help you save money during the cold months. Let's take a look at five home repairs to add to your to-do list this summer.

1. Replace Windows

Window drafts are a major source of heat loss during cold weather. This ultimately results in more money spent to heat your house, not to mention the discomfort from the chill air seeping in. If you've tried caulking your windows in previous years, only to still have drafts, it's probably time to completely replace your windows. This especially holds true if your windows are over ten years old. Window replacement should be done by professionals, but it's obviously an easier job to do when the weather is good. You don't want to have windows removed and installed during the dead of winter.

2. Fix Leaky Outdoor Faucets

Leaky outdoor faucets can cause headaches in a few ways. During the summer, they might raise your water bill due to the constant water loss. When you're already using extra water to water your lawn and garden, you don't want to use more just leaking into the ground. The constant leak might also affect the ground around your house where it's leaking. The danger in the winter is this water freezing and causing connecting pipes to burst. The least stressful way to permanently fix leaky faucets is to call a plumbing services company. A quality plumbing company can not only fix your leaky faucets but also investigate if they're causing any other problems such as leaks in your walls.

3. Replace Your Roof

Similar to replacing your windows, replacing your roof is a good project to line up in the summer. It's easier to complete in the summer for the professionals doing it, but also new shingles need heat to properly form a tight seal against the weather. How do you know if you need a new roof this summer? First, consider the age of your roof. The average roof lifespan is about 20 years. It can be less than that depending on the condition of your home. For example, if you have a lot of winter storms and get debris and needles on your roof. If you notice a lot of missing shingles or leaks, this may also be a sign that you need to replace your roof.

4. Patch the Driveway

If you have cracks or holes in your driveway, the best time to take care of them is during the summer. Wet winter weather will just make them worse as the freeze and thaw cycles create bigger holes out of small holes and holes out of cracks. Along with those reasons, driveway patches need dry weather time to cure and become durable for the winter season. Patching your driveway doesn't necessarily need to be done by professionals either. Simply chisel out any damaged areas and loose pieces, then fill the cleaned holes with Portland cement. If your driveway is bad shape, then you might need to get professionals in to replace much larger areas. In general, the cost to do this is around $3 to $5 per square foot.

5. Service Your Furnace

Statistics say that furnaces are more likely to break down during the winter, i.e. when they're being used the most. During the summer is the best time to take care of any furnace service you need. Because it's not peak season for furnace repairs, you're likely to get lower price quotes as well. You can do some small furnace repairs and maintenance yourself. For example, you can change the filter and clean out the interior. Dirt and mold are common problems that can lead to furnace issues. Bring out the professionals for anything more complex, such as replacing the heat exchange. You should also have your furnace inspected by a professional before going into the winter season.

Take advantage of summer weather and maybe some extra time by keeping your home maintained to save money all year round.

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