Summer is finally here and in full swing! It is also the slow season in business as the kids are out of school, we have trips planned, it is too hard to stay indoors...sound familiar? While these are certainly valid points, why not take the opportunity to use summer downtime to freshen up your business and breathe some new life into it?

Here are some ideas to build your business while everyone else is busy playing and not paying attention, all while you still have plenty of time to enjoy your summer:
1 – Get out of the house and into the great outdoors for your source of inspiration. When I am in the throes of an all-out writer’s block, getting out of my head and into the great outdoors for a walk in a park and enjoying the scenery, I am able to find little nuggets of inspiration and a fresh perspective. It is always good to have a journal or notebook along with you to jot down those ideas.
2 – Plan out your new programs and offers now! With a more leisurely pace, you will be able to plan out, rewrite, tweak and perfect them at a much more relaxed pace. Not only will it be more enjoyable for you, but your clients will feel your joy as they read your copy. Wouldn’t it be lovely to come up with an exciting new offer with your feet in the grass or toes dipped in cool water?
3 – Plan out your marketing calendar for your new programs and offers. Come fall, when everyone else is trying to get “back into the groove” of a more regular schedule, you will start rolling out your programs in a more relaxed state and coming from a place of joyful giving. Again, your clients will take notice.
4 – Create all your juicy bonus materials. Once you have all those programs and offers designed, it is the ideal time to create (or find) the materials that will make great bonuses that are meaningful for your clients.
5 - Get educated. Take a course or read the book that you have been putting off. Learning new skills and applying them effectively takes time to master. By the time fall rolls around, you will be artful with your new skills.

With these simple strategies, you can still enjoy plenty of fun this summer and position yourself above the competition in the fall while they are all scrambling to get it all back together. It’s summer! Have fun, get inspired and be ready to hit the ground running this fall.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Fraser is a Marketing & Money Mindset Business Coach. She specializes in helping coaches and solo-preneurs who are struggling to get their message seen and heard so they can attract ideal clients and generate a great income with their business. By leveraging their time and streamlining their offers, clients are able to work fewer joyful hours in their business to avoid burn-out and overwhelm.

Lisa Fraser is a Certified Coach Practitioner; Certified Money, Marketing & Soul Coach; and Certified Niche Breakthrough Specialist.