It is usually the need to buy the perfect house where you aren’t duped into buying a defective house which leads to a house inspection. You wouldn’t want to spend money on buying a house that has multiple defects and you have to spend money to repair it.

To help you make the right decision, experts for pre purchase building inspections in Perth who are trained and qualified ensure that you have the best asset to own. On the other hand, there are a few of them who aren’t trained or experienced end up helping out with inspection reports. The results aren’t perfect where they end up leaving out a few essential aspects making it difficult when you move in.

The presence of ‘unobservable areas’

Some inspectors mention ‘unobservable areas’ in the reports that they prepare to say that there were places in the house which they couldn’t reach. Areas as that of the attic, roof, basement or any other area that is difficult to reach are often ignored by them simply because they are lazy or do not find the need to inspect those areas. In reality, those are the areas that are problematic and needs attention to repair.

Improper window and door seals

When windows and doors of a house aren’t sealed well, there are chances of air escaping, especially when the HVAC systems are switched on. This is something that is often ignored by house inspectors where they check the visible areas and often forget the gaps that mark the sides of windows and doors, especially when the house is old.

Slope around the house

Some houses have slopes around them where rainwater instead of flowing away puddles close to the house walls. This is something that not many will notice unless it is the rainy season, and it has rained for a long time. When water accumulates near the foundation, there are chances of moisture retention, mould and mildew growth, rotting and instability of the entire structure.

Hidden electrical issues

When a house inspector performs his duty, he is expected to check every detail associated with the electrical system. Simply checking the visible areas doesn’t always help. There may be defects lying in the hidden electrical wires that are sealed behind the walls. Not everyone switches on appliances and checks for faults. This is something that the trained and experienced inspectors may check but not the ones that are new into business or claim to be experts with no relevant training.

Presence of asbestos

Asbestos is known to cause multiple health complications, especially when exposed to the loose particles. It is something that most inspectors overlook, mainly when asbestos stays hidden. Sidings, roof, electrical boards, etc. have asbestos and houses that were built before the 1990s has more of its presence. The inspectors may not find interest in the age of the house and therefore not even think of checking for the existence of asbestos.

Therefore, it is always advisable to hire those experts for pre purchase inspection in Perth who have relevant experiences and can show past reports where there have been happy clients moving into new homes.

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The author has had experiences with hiring inspectors for pre purchase building inspections in Perth and writs this article to help people pick the right experts for pre purchase inspection in Perth.