Creating an original and effective website is mandatory for the success of your business. While there may be a ton of great ideas and inspiration available to you when creating your business website design, if the right principles aren’t applied then your website will not be efficient and grow your business to its full potential. In addition to having a great idea for your website you must have a powerful design that matches the overall purpose of your business and gives your company a competitive edge on the internet.

One principle to consider is should your web pages be dynamic or static. Basically a static website requires no input from visitors and primarily only provide information such as location, telephone number, and services offered; while a dynamic website is an interactive website design and allows visitors to do things such as log on and create posts, and take part in forums. Many websites are dynamic and give visitors the option to complete applications (such as an employment site) or schedule appointments. When building the site, whether you choose for it to be dynamic or static, it is imperative to make sure that the fonts and backgrounds used are standard and asy for the visitor to understand and view. Never mix a lot of different fonts.

Another important web design principle is the website title verses the website domain. It is important to consider words that best describe your business before you register a domain name for your site. Once you have found a suitable domain name, use the name on the main page of your websites title tag. Doing this will help your website improve search engine rankings.

The third important principle would be to have your website development built around important keywords that give a good description of your business and what you offer. The keywords will be made up of phrases and words that people may use when they are searching for your type of business on the internet. Never use “keyword stuffing” which is overdoing phrases and keywords by repeating the same words over and over as this will not help your website gain better rankings.

Next, you should ensure that every page of your website is optimized in a way that describes what message you want that page to carry. For example, the about us page to have keywords relevant to what your company does, while the services page will have phrases that describe the products and services that your company offers. If the information on the page and the keywords on the page are different, then they will not appear in search engine results. Search engines are created to give searches results relevant to what they are looking for so if your website does not apply this principle then your site rankings will not be as good.

The fifth principle is to ensure that you have an index to your site so search engines can find your web pages easily. Having a sitemap will also assist visitors to your website in locating the information that they need quickly. Also, make sure that all of your web pages link back to your home page.
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