One of the most stressing events for landlords is finding tenants to fill the vacancy at their rentals. After the tenant has settled, there are certain steps every landlord should take to make the transition smooth. This helps to minimise misunderstanding and complaints between the landlord and the new tenant.

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But if you're letting your property to a tenant, here are some important checks every landlord should make:

  1. Repair damages

It is advisable for the landlord to make sure that any existing damage on the property is corrected before a new tenant moves in. This could be a broken window lock or a repaint job on the walls as well as any health and safety issues. For instance, ensure that the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working properly.

  1. Clean the property

If there was a previous tenant on the unit, it is necessary to ensure the property is clean for the new tenant. You should focus more on areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen. Even if the property is brand new, you should still vacuum or sweep to remove any debris. Furthermore, you should ensure the unit is exterminated even if it does not show any noticeable problem.

  • Make sure every component is working properly

You should ensure that every component in the unit is in a good working condition. For instance, make sure that the HVAC system is working in all the rooms. Also, ensure there are no clogs or leaks in the water pipes and the overhead lights and switches in every room are operational.

  1. Review the lease and sign

Go through the lease agreement together with the tenant section by section. This will help the tenant understand everything in the contract. Once you have gone through the whole agreement and addressed all pertinent issues, you and tenant should sign and date it.

  1. Rent and security deposit

Before the tenant moves in, you should collect both the first month’s rent and security deposit. You should not allow the tenant to move into your property if they don’t meet your terms. A tenant that does not commit to the first month's rent is likely to make late payments in the following months.

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