Gout pain is one of the worst known joint pains that humans have ever encountered. The medications from the doctor are just not working at all. It is always best to find some natural gout treatment to supplement and aid in treating the gout pain that is keeping you awake at night. Old school remedies never runs out of fashion and they might work surprisingly well for your gout pain.

You will find 5 very important natural gout treatments that can help you in getting rid of your gout problems.

Drink water
When you were young, your mother always tells you to drink more water during the day. After all, keeping yourself well hydrated is one of the best ways to keep illnesses at bay and gout pain is no exception. Drinking adequate amounts of water every day will ensure that you will not be dehydrated. You should at least drink 2.5 litres of water per day it will help your body to flush out the accumulated uric acid.

Regular exercise
Everyone should be exercising regularly. Exercise at least four times a week and exercise at least 30mins per session. This will help the body to remove toxins and waste products. You must do some exercise that is more specific to improve the range of motions for your joints because this will be highly beneficial for reducing your gout pain and the frequency of gout attacks. But you must remember to exercise only when the inflammation of your joints has subsided, otherwise it will hurt your joints.

Ban alcohol
Alcohol is a large contributor to the uric acid level in your body. Just one alcoholic beverage per day is enough to significantly increase the risk of gout attacks in that person. The more alcohol you drink the more frequent and painful the attack will be. Alcohol impedes the removal and excretion of uric acid in the body. That is why you must stop consuming alcoholic beverages such as beer and liquors right now.

Eat fruits
The common fruits have been shown to reduce gout pain. Fruits contain high level of vitamin C and bioflavonoids. They are very effective in reducing inflammation of the joints and works well with gout pain. You must increase your consumption of citrus fruits such as berries, oranges and strawberries. This is one of the best natural gout treatments available.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has more uses that any items you can find in your kitchen. It will help with stopping the pain of gout. You need to consume it regularly. Just mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of honey with a cup of water. Drink at least once a day. This natural gout treatment is the best. It works well and works fast.

The 5 top natural gout treatments will work for your gout pain. You just have to give it a try and don't give up if it doesn't work at first.

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