Having herpes is not the end of the world. You can still have an amazing relationship where your partner would appreciate your value and you can rest assured that you are not loved just because of sex. However, dating with herpes demands that some things are put into check so that both parties are kept safe and the relationship can thrive so well on love. So, here are five important things to know about herpes dating.

Let your partner know:

Communication is important. If you have only just realized that you have herpes, then you should tell your partner. If you are not sure about how they would feel, you can send a text message, an email, or talk over the phone. Those who love you would reach to you and show you they care. Telling your partner strengthens love and trust. Also, it is important to let your partner know about this before sex, so that they won’t feel betrayed or taken advantage of.

Watch out for symptoms:

While you can have a normal life during herpes dating, it is advisable to watch out for symptoms. Identifying symptoms helps you keep track of activities and to manage them. This period would make you mindful of medications, manage your activities and get more rest. Also, it helps you to put a little distance between yourself and your partner so that they can stay safe until the symptoms are gone.

Be mindful of contact:

As mentioned, be mindful of symptoms. Once symptoms such as pain, sores in the mouth or vagina, or difficulty to urinate, you and your partner should be careful about contact. It is advisable to abstain from sex and kissing during the period. Using protection such as condom can reduce the risk of transmission. However, it is also risky because the virus might be transmitted if the part of the skin not covered during sex makes contact with your partner’s flesh or fluid. Sweats and saliva should not also be transferred in critical periods. It is better for both of you to be safe.

Know the facts:

Yea, it is better to know the facts right about the disease than to (i) let anyone mount pressure on you about things that aren’t true (ii) get paranoid at slight symptoms, which might not even be associated with the disease. Therefore, it is important for the person who has this virus and the other partner to know the facts about the disease. This way, you can manage whatever the challenges are, know what to look out for, and when to visit a doctor if the need be.


If you have ever had genital herpes and you got pregnant, meet with your doctor. There is no cause for alarm, though. During pregnancy, partners should see a doctor and let the doctor know about the condition. The medical practitioner might administer herpes medication or advice for a C-section delivery to avoid passing the virus to your baby.

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