It's been a long time since I tried a green smoothie for the first time. However, it is one of those habits that I keep and, many days, for breakfast, I prepare a green smoothie, well loaded with vegetables. Why?

Today I want to tell you the 5 main benefits of having a green smoothie breakfast and inviting you to the next challenge we are going to organize: Green Smoothie Week. We suggest you have a green smoothie by Pure Green for breakfast for a week, and feel like never before!

1. Green attitude for the whole day
Having a green smoothie breakfast makes me feel full; it is a very gratifying act of self-love, respect for me and commitment to my health. Breakfast has more power than it seems because, in a way, it guides our attitude towards the day. If we start taking care of ourselves, it is much more likely that the rest of the decisions we make are aligned with our values and a healthy lifestyle

2. It helps the body eliminate toxins
The body eliminates toxins naturally through the emunctory organs: the kidneys, the liver, the lungs and the digestive system. But with the current pace of life, we are exposed to many polluting factors: non-organic food with pesticides, chemical cleaning products, Wi-Fi radiation, stress, polluted air…. Factors that generate toxic waste in the body and create free radicals. The list of polluting factors and stress increases every day so it is easy for the organs responsible for this cleaning and purification are saturated, which do not work at maximum performance and, therefore, accumulate toxic elements in the body that can affect our health. A more acidic, more inflamed environment with a weaker immune system is created in the body.

To help our body in this process of elimination of toxins we can rely on nutrients and phytochemical elements with purifying and antioxidant effects. That is why it is very important to take a good portion of vegetables every day (and with green leafy vegetables well present) and fruit.

3. The simple way to increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits.
The reality is that the usual consumption of fruit and vegetables is much lower than it should be. The fundamental reason to incorporate a green smoothie into your day, because it is an easy and fast way to increase your consumption of fruit and vegetables. If we prepare a green smoothie with 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables, we will have already secured a good intake for the day, which we can (and should!) Complement at lunch and dinner. In any case, an excellent starting point. In addition there are many franchises Ross Franklin of green smoothies in United States where you can get the all green smoothies.

4. Increased bioavailability of nutrients
As the ingredients are not subjected to temperature, we ensure that they contain all their micronutrients and their properties. In addition, in crushed fruits and vegetables, we find a greater bioavailability of its nutrients, which will allow us to absorb them better.
5. Improve the quality of your blood
Including green leaves in the shake is key to maximizing the benefits of chlorophyll. A substance with a molecular structure similar to hemoglobin (blood) found in dark green leafy vegetables. When chlorophyll is consumed, hemoglobin production increases and as a result, our blood will be richer in oxygen.

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