Children, especially when they are in their formative years, are in constant need of being recognized for the effort they have been putting. This has a relationship with psychology, as most of the rules of socialization are unwritten, children learn about social cues by a process named ‘mirroring’. This is observing and imitating certain adult behaviors.

The amount of recognition they get is directly proportional to the boosted self- esteem. So the main concept here is Self- esteem. The million-dollar question will be how can we boost the self- esteem of children? This blog will discuss 5 ingenious ways to develop healthy self- esteem in children.

1 By telling them about what they should know

Have you noticed the children’s behaviour? They will be full of questions, like why the sky is all blue, why the seas are of that colour, why doesn’t it rain much during the summertime, why birds fly etc. These questions reveal their constant intellectual curiosity about knowing better about the world around them. Sometimes it’s very difficult to answer all the questions as well, as it’s tough to quench the intellectual curiosities of children.

What should one be doing ideally in such a situation? They should inculcate a logical mindset in children. They should explain the scientific reasons behind all the phenomena’s that caught the eye of the child.

2. By encouraging them to study in an inspiring way

Children are different. When you force them to study something they would start hating those particular subjects. It is good if you can take a middle way approach, and explain them like a friend. Tell them about the importance of studying, and the pleasures involved in it. Most of the children would like such an approach.

3.By making children read

Reading can be construed as a purely aesthetical activity. It can act as an intellectual stimulus, giving wings to the imagination of children so that they can soar high. To do this, one must understand the genre the child likes and suggest books. If the child likes a bit of an adventure, make him read one thousand and one nights, where he can fly on the magic carpet with Aladdin and go on voyages with Sinbad the sailor. You can also suggest authors like Roald Dahl (Charlie and the chocolate factory), E.B.White (Charlotte’s web), C.S.Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia) etc. You can also suggest books by Indian authors such as Ruskin Bond and R.K. Narayan ( Malgudi days0 along with moral fables such as Aesop fables, The Jataka Tales and The Panchatantra. Reading will improve the creativity of children and should be encouraged.

4. Involve them in artistic activities

If your child is showing sparks of creativity, make him participate in artistic activities such as theatre, painting, singing, playing instruments and writing. It’s not about winning prizes, but activities such as these will improve the competitive spirit in children.

5. Involve them in sports activities

Like indulging in creative activities, involving in sports activities can also be of help in developing a healthy self- esteem. It would manifest the feeling of worthiness in children and they would begin to perceive the school environment more positively.

Children are our future. Their guardians, parents and teachers must herald them into a glorious future.

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