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Am pretty sure everybody likes that cool warm hug of the blanket as they drift away to sound sleep. Sleeping seems to occur naturally to some people while others struggle and fidget all night long due to discomfort. This is greatly attributed to health conditions such as restless legs, depression, and anxiety. Weighted blankets are specifically designed to help such people enjoy the benefits that come with quality sleep. Successful experiments have been put through and the marketing trend if it is anything to go by, serves as an indication that people are satisfied with this product.

But why add weight in blankets and are the cool facts attributed to them truly?

Basically, weighted blankets are blankets which have extra weight added to them. Most companies use natural fabrics, poly pellets, small glass or stainless steel beads. For the blanket to be effective, the added weight should be between 7-10% of the total body weight of the user. The cool facts associated with these blankets are true and many experiments have been conducted to support the original hypothesis. The top five insane facts about these blankets include:

Calms Anxiety.

If you have suffered from a panic attack or anxiety you know how hard it is to relax. Anxiety causes the sporadic release of cortisol (stress hormone) which then stimulates the nervous system. The general effects include headaches, high heart rates, and muscle tension. This is where this kind of blanket comes in, just like swaddling a kid, the blanket boosts production of serotonin which is then converted into melatonin a chemical which counteracts cortisol helping in relaxation of the muscles and nerve system.

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Non invasive method for managing neurosis and insomnia.

A weighted blanket is a worthwhile product for people who are suffering from depression or ADHD conditions. They are safe non-drug and effective alternative therapy for persons struggling with sleep. Even if you are not suffering from either condition, it is recommendable you try these products for increased relaxation during the day or night.

Perfect for children and adults.

These blankets suit children and adults suffering stress, autism or anxiety well. Blankets made from bamboo, cotton or plush Minky materials are the best and are preferred by most people. When purchasing, ensure the weight is between 7 and 10 percent of your total weight. For instance, if a man weighs 120 pounds (54.43 kg), the blanket is supposed to be between 8 and 14 pounds (6.35 kg).

Feels like a warm friendly hug each night.

We all know that relieving sensation that comes with a warm hug from a loved one. It's no different with this model of blankets. Due to the added weight, the blanket molds around you, adding pressure which slowly stimulates the nerves and muscles. This brings about relaxation boosts your moods hence promoting restful sleep.

Brings about sense of security.

A study conducted on 31 adults by the journal of sleeping medicine and disorders in 2015 showed that people who slept underweight added blankets showed less movement when asleep. When asked, the participants said they loved the blanket because it gave them a secure feeling sleep. 51% of parents also confirmed their children sleeping habits have improved.

Since weight added blankets are relatively expensive, give a two-day trial and know how it feels to sleep under one. Make your orders at legit stores. It's advisable you buy these blanket from companies which are transparent about their products' specifications and material used. Finally, you don't have to be suffering from any condition for you to use these blankets, anybody is free to give it a trial.

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