Seeing the world is something that every individual should experience at some time or another, and more people are slowly but steadily waking up to the realization that solo travel is a wondrous experience worthy of pursuing. Despite the growing interest in solo travel around the globe, however, many young people who pine to see distant lands and far off seas have little to no idea where to begin when it actually comes to preparing for your next foreign escapade.


Here are 5 insider tips for solo travelers worth reviewing before you buy your next airline ticket, and what you’ll want to know before you venture out into a brave new world by yourself.


  1. Budgeting is more important than ever


It goes without saying that budgeting is an important part of any vacation or travelling experience, yet few people take seriously the notion that budgeting is more important than ever when it comes to solo travelling. It’s crucially important to grasp this fact, though, because once you’re out in the wild world by your lonesome you won’t have any travelling companions to pick up the slack (or the tab) when you start to lose steam or burn through your budget too quickly.


Those who are seriously considering embarking on a solo travel experience should review some common hacks for saving money when venturing around the world on your own. You may think that going by yourself will save you money, but it’s easy to spend more than you otherwise would if no one is with you in the gift shop, and unexpected expenses will quickly add up in the midst of your trip.


  1. Female travelers must take extra precautions


As unfortunate a reality as it is to address, it’s a simple matter of fact that the world is more dangerous for women because of sexist cultural overtones and hidden dangers that await you on the open roads of the world. Women who are trying to enjoy some sites by themselves are perfectly entitled and encouraged to venture abroad, yet they should review some travel tips specifically pushed by seasoned female tourists that are important for women to keep in mind when they’re in unfamiliar places.


Certain areas of the world are far more welcoming to female tourists than others, for instance, especially when you don’t have a male companion on your journey. Doing your due diligence and reading up on where you might want to go and what you might experience once there is an important part of solo travelling safely.


  1. Stay away from organized tours


If there’s one fundamental truth about tourism, it’s that organized tours serve only to separate you from the loose change in your pocket. There’s no real reason to enjoy an organized tour as a solo traveler, as you should be doing plenty of research ahead of time to determine where you want to go and which specific sites you hope to see. Solo travelers will likely have a much more enjoyable and memorable experience abroad if they stick to their guns and take the world as it is, without a pre-packaged tourist offering ready and waiting for you when you get to your hotel.


  1. Know how to meet new people


Despite the fact that you want to keep an arm’s length away from any organized tourist regimes, it’s important and fun to meet new people while traveling, so you need to know other ways to introduce yourself to strangers who you may hit it off with. There are many ways to meet people while traveling solo, but most center around practicing your usual hobbies abroad; running on a foreign beach, dancing in an exotic hall, or finding company at a restaurant or bar are great tips for solo travelers who are feeling lonesome.  


Know some of the ways to meet and greet with people while you’re alone if you don’t want to cut your trip early because you’re sick and tired of being by yourself. Solo travel is amazing, but even the fiercest introverts need human interaction every now and again.


  1. Become familiar with the tech you need


Luckily, solo travelers of the 21st century don’t have to worry about many of the things that concerned our ancestors thanks to the wonders of digital technology. Becoming familiar with the tech you need to successfully solo travel is an important part of the preparation process, so consider pre-programming numbers you may need into your phone and picking up other gadgets that may be useful to you, like a GPS.


If you’re venturing into the more repressive parts of the world, a VPN for travel may be needed to ensure safe access to the internet. Don’t let your tech fall by the wayside and you’ll soon discover that solo traveling isn’t just a possibility, but a rewarding and enchanting one accessible to more people now than ever before.

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Jeremiah Owyang is an entrpereneur.