Doesn’t instant approval for credit cards sound tempting? Imagine finding out within minutes whether your application has been accepted or not! As lovely as it may sound, not all credit card issuers provide a response within the same day of request but here are 5 instant approval credit cards that won’t disappoint you!

Instant Approval Credit Card – What It Does and Does Not Mean! 

Instant approval for a credit card means that you will be notified within minutes if the provider has accepted your application or not. 

It still requires a credit check and scrutiny of your credit score. Better the shape of your credit report, more are the chances of being accepted as a cardholder. 

Disclaimer! Pretty much any card can be “instantly” approved if you apply with an excellent credit score and meet all other card’s requirements as well. Instant approval generally means that your application did not need any thorough scrutiny. 

However, the confusion is that many applicants consider it to be a guaranteed favor when they are applying with a superb credit score. Where that does not increase the chances of a quick approval, a commendable score is not a confirmation that your request will be instantly accepted. 

In fact, in the case of many credit cards, instant approval is possible even if you had applied with a poor credit score. It is simply a feature that some banks offer while others don’t. 

Top 5 Instant Approval Credit Cards That You Need to Try

When you apply for a credit card, several outcomes are possible. Your application may go into “pending” if the data needs more scrutiny. It can also be rejected after authorities review your credit report and score. 

If it is your lucky day, you will instantly get a response within minutes notifying that you have been accepted as a cardholder. This might be followed by a mail with further details and hopefully, you will receive the card within a week. 

Capital One Secured Mastercard 

One of the most reliable ways to apply for an instant approval credit card is to log into This website is maintained by Capital One bank, a trustworthy credit card issuer in the US. one hosts a variety of credit cards from poor to excellent recommended scores. In addition to that, it also provides a Capital One Secured Mastercard that you can apply for if you wish to try your luck with instant approval. 

This credit card required an initial deposit of $200 or more. This security deposit is automatically converted to the credit line that you have with the card. Luckily, it is a refundable deposit that will be handed back to you in case you choose to close the account. 

Since it is a secure credit card, Capital One makes it available for those with poor scores as well. Furthermore, the card does not carry an annual fee and you can also apply for an increment on credit limit after using the card responsibly for just 6 months. 

Credit One Bank Platinum Visa Credit Card 

This card is a decent choice when it comes to instant unsecured credit cards for people with average scores. You can start with an initial credit limit of $300 that can be improved depending on how well you manage the card. 

There is also an annual fee but it can vary from $0 to $99 keeping in view your creditworthiness. APR can be as high as 23.99% so you have to keep in mind to always clear the pending dues on time. 

The real catch is that you get 1% on all the purchases made via this credit card. With monthly reporting, it also ensures that you get the right amount of help in fixing your credit score. 

Discover it Secured Credit Card 

Discover it is another card that stands out on the list of instant approval credit cards. It is a secured credit card that is open for customers who are struggling with a poor credit score. 

Unlike other high-end secured cards, Discover requires a minimum deposit of $200 only. On top of that, it reports your spending pattern to major credit bureaus so that improved behavior reflects on your credit report and helps improve your score quickly. 

Additionally, Discover it offers cashback as well. This includes 1% cashback on all eligible purchases and 2% cashback applicable on gas stations and restaurants. If you continue using the credit card responsibly for 8 months, you will get a chance to upgrade to an unsecured account without any additional charges. 

Indigo Platinum MasterCard 

Indigo Platinum Mastercard is available at It is yet another amazing credit card for those with an average score. Indigo also sends out pre-approved mail offers to eligible customers so that they can easily apply for the card and get a response within minutes. 

However, Indigo Platinum is an unsecured credit card with a considerable annual fee and hefty APR. A major perk is that you can get approved for this card even with previous bankruptcy but later on you have to maintain good spending habits to ensure that you don’t end up paying extra fees and charges. 

Besides easy and instant approval there are a number of other benefits as well. For example, the Indigo Platinum Mastercard lets you make use of theft protection, withdraw cash in advance, and help improve credit score fast by reporting to the three major credit bureaus regularly. 

Reflex Mastercard Credit Card 

Reflex is available as both, secured and unsecured credit card and it is an ideal choice for credit-rebuilding. You can apply for the card online and instantly receive a response regarding your application. 

Initially, you can get a credit limit of $500. This can be improved later on but you need to be on your best behavior for at least 6 months. 

Luckily, this card also comes with $0 fraud liability. This means that you can immediately report that your credit card is missing or it has been stolen after which you will not be held responsible for unauthorized transactions. 

Before You Go 

We were almost about to wrap up this article when we realized that there is a common confusion that credit card applicants has been facing and we did not want our readers to experience the same! 

Do not confuse instant approval credit cards with instant use credit cards. These are two separate categories and can not serve as a replacement for each other. 

As we have discussed above, instant approval credit cards are those that you let within minutes if your application have been accepted or denied. It does not imply that you will receive the card that quickly as well. In fact, typically the card will still take 7 to 10 business days to reach you. 

On the other hand, instant use credit cards provide you with a digital credit card number immediately so you can start using the account right away. This saves you from weeks of a wait before the card arrives via mail. 

Hopefully, this clarifies why you should apply for instant approval credit cards if you want to find out within minutes If you are approved or denied! 

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