A successful blog is one that has a steady and growing flow of return visitors! Of course the most important component of any blog is creating content your readers will love along with making them feel welcomed! Now this may see easier said than done but the fact is your ultimate success will be dependent upon you creating content that is of genuine interest to your readers! Along with what you post you'll want to create an atmosphere that oozes community giving readers, both new and returning, a sense of belonging!

When you have return visitors you are building a loyal following and in order to do so here are 5 components your blog MUST offer!


When first setting up your site you need to pick a theme or topic to focus on and it's important NOT to deviate from this choice! Now when creating content for your platform you'll want to post updates that reflect some type of relevancy to your chosen theme! This is very important because people who land on your site are looking for information pertaining to the topic your platform is based upon! If what you post is what they are looking for this increases the chance these people will become return visitors! On the other hand if you do deviate from your selected topic your readers may become confused and therefore disinterested leaving your blog to never return again! This is NOT how to develop reader loyalty and build a following!


Entertaining your readers as a blogger can be as simple as allowing your personality to 'shine' through when posting updates! For starters this helps make what you write more unique simply because there is nobody that has the same exact personality as yours! People may be entertained by the quirkiness of your insights or the satirical way you deliver information! In any case JUST BE YOU since it's a more natural role for you to play and therefore will make creating content all the more easier for you!


Let's face it there is only so much 'breaking news' you can relay to your readers that's relevant to their interests! On the other hand by offering your 'perspective and insights' on an existing topic you can still intrigue and thus engage your readers! Content that offers people a different look at a familiar subject helps them expand their thinking and possibly bring a better focus to new opportunities!


Be it late breaking news or perhaps something that teaches or instructs, you always want to try creating content that is useful! Now every update you post does not need to be 'useful' but you do want to be sure your readers are getting value out of what you offer! By dusting off something old and presenting it in a new way is much like showing someone another use for an existing tool!


Always remember to allow comments when blogging since people enjoy offering their input and/or suggestions! Additionally people can exchange their own thoughts and ideas with other readers through comments which helps 'further' the sense of community! You want those who land on your site to feel welcomed and comfortable to further compel them to return! Projecting a sense of belonging or community encourages visitors become return visitors!

Being the administrator of a successful blog requires an investment of patience and effort and starts with creating content of interest and relevance! The fact is if your readers are not happy with what they view or even the atmosphere your site projects they're unlikely to come back! Your success as a blogger will ultimately be reflected in the amount of return visitors you have since this is their first step in developing loyalty! The 5 components presented above are needed to cultivate such loyalty and when combined with a solid traffic generation strategy, you'll likely have yourself a popular blog! What are your thoughts as to what it takes to develop a loyal following with your readers when blogging! Share them below by simply leaving a comment or any suggestions you may have! Thanks for your contributions and of course for stopping by!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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