Your blog posting efforts are the key to the development of your site. Site visitors are attracted to the content since it is in line with their personal or professional interest. It is important however that the blog reader 'maintains' their interest in what you publish or they will simply not return. What is it about your blog entries that not only attracts people but also encourages them to return? Since the main focus of the blog building process is to develop a strong following at your site it is vital to know what readers look for in the content you post.

Here are the 5 key components you will want to include in all your blog entries that will help motivate sites visitors to return for more.

Relevant Topic

Above all else whatever you post about needs to be relevant in some way to the theme of the site. This is way people are attracted to your content in the first place. To change directions would only serve to confuse people and drive them away.

Demonstrate Some Knowledge

Demonstrate some familiarity with your subject or readers will not take you seriously and likely will leave, ouch! Remember people are always seeking knowledge and if you can not supply that you will find blogging very difficult.

Offer Insight

One of the cool things about blogging is that you can offer your opinions and insight and people will actually appreciate it. As the saying goes 'everybody has got an opinion' but usually they tend to vary and this will help make your content unique. Use this to your advantage!

Communicate Clearly

Don't try to write in a way that will impress people since the results will only depress you. Write so that everybody understands what it is you are trying to say. A large part of being successful when composing content online is being able to clearly communicate your thoughts.

Invite Interaction

Ask questions, invite feedback or simply allow comments so readers can more readily interact. A great way to 'initiate' a reaction from your readers is by offering your opinions as we spoke of above. As previously stated everybody has a different opinion and offering yours encourages feedback which normally evolves into some type of interaction. Most people look for blogs that have a lot of interaction on them.

Your blog posting frequency and the quality of the content itself is what attracts people and encourages their return. The ultimate goal of the blog building process is to develop a large and loyal following. It is therefore very important to understand what it is the blog reader wants to see so they will be motivated to return to your site. The 5 key components people look for in posted content when they land on any blogging site are address above. By including these elements in any content you publish on your site you stand a much greater chance of attracting readers back again and again. With their growing loyalty will come your increasing success as a blogger.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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