For anybody looking to become successful in any endeavor of their lives there are certain ingredients absolutely needed or success will elude them. This is a fact and it is plain and simple! In every case the 'road to success' must first be planned out, otherwise your progress will be severely hindered leading to frustration and eventually failure. The next key will be your attitude and since attitude is everything, if yours is not properly set, it will make things very difficult. This is a guarantee!

Here are the 5 key ingredients you will need on your road to success if you have any intention of accomplishing what you set out to achieve!


In order to be successful at anything you first need to determine what it is you want. This may be a personal or professional goal but it does not matter, all you are doing here is determining your direction. It is also important to establish the best and most realistic way for you to accomplish your objectives at this stage.

You are now creating your road to success by establishing your objectives and the path you intend to take.


The mindset you have will determine the ease or difficulty you will encounter when pursuing any goals or dreams. If you are negative, your results will likely be the same, however if your attitude is positive, your efforts are likely to be easier and more successful. As the saying goes attitude is everything and it can either help you to succeed or keep you from any success whatsoever!

Willingness to Take Action

Goals remain only dreams until you decide to take the necessary actions required to reach them! Having goals is a grand thing but pursuing them is even more admirable and is the only way you will make them a reality.


Here is an area will your attitude will help you dramatically as long as it is a positive one. With a positive 'can do' approach mistakes or setbacks are less likely to discourage you from continuing on. This is persistence and it will be needed for any worthwhile and challenging objectives you may have set. Long hours and lots of effort may and probably will be required therefore your persistence to maintain a certain level of effort will be needed.

Overcoming Adversity

As mentioned above there will likely be set backs since mistakes are bound to occur but it is how you deal with them that will help determine the outcome. If your attitude is a good one any mistakes will be perceived as 'learning opportunities' that were expected. With that being said you will learn to not make the same mistake again and more on from there.

In order to become successful at just about anything your plan and your attitude will plan a highly significant role. We all have hopes and dreams whether it is in our personal lives or for business success. In ether case your approach will be the same if you intend to achieve the goals you have established. With the right plan and mindset you will bring any hopes and dreams you may have closer to reality! The 5 key ingredients you will need, no matter the goal, are reviewed above. Once you have established a workable plan and recognize that your attitude is everything, you will succeed in bringing yourself closer to accomplishing your goals.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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